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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Throw Back Thursday


Level I Review.


For Throw Back Thursday I thought I would review only Level I Curriculum. At first I just went over what all I remembered. Then when I was done I reviewed the manual to make sure I still had everything down and I did. The only thing was that I  combined the defenses while I was going over foot work. I felt that it was more practical at this point since I already have the movements alone down.

I can see clearly now.


I’m starting to see how reviewing the basics so much is really helping me move forward. Its making  everything else flow better because the movements are starting to become natural. Hopefully it will also help with breaking some bad habits. I want to keep perfecting those basics from Level I and then start applying them to practical training especially with my left. I want to be as proficient on my left as I am on my right. It’s only then that I will really be able to excel.

Let’s hit the beach!


Well tomorrow is Fun Day Friday so I better get to bed early tonight. I’m hoping that more people will start joining James and I on Fridays soon. If you’re are interested and have time, we meet over at Crown Point on the side where the playground is, just past the basketball court at 9:30am-12pm-ish. I’m even thinking about starting a Saturday morning practice as well for those who can’t make in on Friday, but instead I’m thinking about holding it at the beach so it can also be a family fun day in the sun. Maybe Windansea Beach or possibly Tourmaline (Old Man’s) Surf Park. Takers?

Get at me, who ever is interested. Well that’s it for today. ItsYoBoyFlex and I’m out.

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