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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Rain We Gon’ Train

Rain or Shine

It was raining again today, but that doesn’t stop us from training. It could be snowing and we’d probably still be out there. I think its good to train in different conditions and environments. Rain, snow, sunny, windy, dusty; level or uneven ground; icy, wet, muddy, dry; the way you approach things may have to change depending on all of these variables. It may be as simple as footing so that you don’t slip. We’re kind of lucky that the place we train has steps, ramps, grass, sand, concrete, hills, and trees. We can easily change our environment by simply walking over to another area.

With the combination of the rain and somewhat cold weather, by San Diego standards, we did some practical training applied to basics. This was really good especially for me to see how well I responded to certain things like say a vertical strike to the head. When we first started, though I saw what was coming, I knew what to do, I started to come up for a roof block, but my body stood still like a deer and headlights. End result is I still got cut (theoretically speaking) on the follow through because I didn’t apply my footwork. Same thing happened when Ed came in for the sak-sak.

The Hangover

Now keep in mind I was still coming down from a hangover from last nights festivities. I was slower, my judgement was slow, my reaction time was slower, but who knows, maybe something like this might happen in real life. I can’t tell the assailant, “wait slow down I still have a hang over.” lol. You just have to defend yourself. So today was a bit frustrating for me. I kept on making a lot of mistakes, but its good for me to see how I am in this state. The guys were really patient and good with pointing out where I needed work and helped walked me through some things I can do to help break some habits. Habits that I might be doing even on a good day.

Shank shank shank!

Oh before I forget, James and I got some really good input from both Bernie and Ed about the prison shank situation, being at 50/50, and things we can do to get out of 50/50 stalemate. I asked, how can we get the advantage from this stalemate? Their answer? First off, don’t get yourself in that situation! Hahaha. If you can run away, create space, and or grab an equalizer would be better. So awareness is key, especially while in the 50/50 if avoidance is not possible.

Second don’t look for an “One for All” solution to get the advantage. The situation is never going to be the same and it can constantly change during, so sticking to only one solution can also get you killed. And they demonstrated that theory to us on how people can use different techniques on how to get out of a simple headlock. There are many ways to get out, but some of those techniques can also make it worse for you.

Third, always be aware of where the weapon is. If you happen to grab the weapon arm to get control, be aware because he/she can easily transfer the weapon to the other hand. Also, even if the weapon is not being transferred, depending on the positioning on how your control hold is, can open up an opportunity for the assailant to cut and stab you, and they demonstrated that as well.

Finally, they showed us a few things that you can do to work yourself into a better situation. Things like throwing knee strikes to the body; or punches and or elbows to the brachial to soften the guy/girl up while still holding on to the weapon arm; putting the arm in an arm lock, possibly doing a little dumog to take them down so you can run, or even turning the weapon back onto the assailant, but still being aware of where the weapon is at all times. Obviously they could have shown us more, but now we some more things we can try on Friday to see what would and maybe not be effective depending on how things go.

Back to Training

We worked on some evading drills, sumbrada, and worked on a knife template.  Now after still coming down from a hangover and trying to hydrate myself, my left leg started to cramp up after doing the evading drill. lol. Lesson learned though. Try not to drink too much or avoid drinking all together the night before training. Training on a hangover is no bueno, but I still did it! Go hard or go home bitches! lol.

So yah, and then after we grabbed a bite to eat. Good day today. Oh and as of today James and I are officially contributors to the FCS Kali West Coast Facebook Fan Page, and FCS Kali West Coast Blogspot Page.  So check out those pages as well if you haven’t already. A lot of cool stuff and information on it for anyone who is interested in training with us. Aight folks till next time! ItsYoBoyFlex and I’m out.

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