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FCS Kali San Diego - Established September 25th, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

FCS Kali West Coast Demo & Exhibition in Chula Vista, CA on October 1, 2011

Announcing on Saturday, October 1st, 2011 FCS Kali West Coast will be holding a demonstration and exhibition of Filipino Martial Arts. Under the lead of FCS Kali West Coast Representative Manong Rich Verdejo a short program will be exhibited at the 4th Annual "Come Together" Mater Dei Bazaar.

Exhibition at:    4th Annual "Come Together" Mater Dei Bazaar

When:               Saturday,  October 1, 2011   approximately 4:00pm

Where:              Mater Dei Catholic Church

                          1571 Magdalena Ave.
                          Chula Vista, California

For more information regarding the Mater Dai Bazaar visit:   

Call (619) 656-3735 or visit online @ "" Two days of food, fun and entertainment

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Carenza Rhythms

Carenza Rhythms we have been training with during practice sessions, a great backdrop to the Filipino Culture we are honoring and gives a sense of rhythm and flow... Enjoy!


FCS Kali Club of San Diego - 1st Group Practice

Today marks the first group practice of FCS Kali Club of San Diego.  Albeit only 5 of us turned out today, this is our club's humble beginnings with more participants to follow soon enough.  We hope to end the year with a core group of 10 as we move forward, so anyone in the San Diego that is interested, come check us out!

Under a cool overcast San Diego morning, it was great to be outdoors practicing the skills.  With the tribal rhythms of Carenza music in the background it was another great workout, I find as I get more time in, the muscle memory is taking over as a natural instinct as I find the flow.  In 2 hours we reviewed and practiced the Level 1 Curriculum as dictated by FCS Kali Founder Tuhon Ray Dionaldo as follows: 

LEVEL 1 (minimum 3 month FCS membership required for test)
Solo Baston:
 Solo Baston formal salute meaning & application
 12 count of the 64 stick form
 4 count right/ left & changes
Range Awareness
 Largo 
 Medio
 Corto
 Corto Corto
 Open Male Triangle
 Open Female Triangle
 Closed Male Triangle
 Close Female Triangle 
 Full Diamond 
 Side stepping 
 Replacement Stepping
 Take Off
Basic Striking:
 Labtik 
 Witik 
 Redondo
 Abaniko 
 Punyo
 Umbrellas and the individual block names
 4 walls and the individual block names
 Snake inside #1 
 Snake outside #2
 Vine largo #1 
 Vine largo #2 
 Vine corto #1 
 Vine corto #2
Hand Switches: (with application)
 Shoulder Switch
 Application
 Labtik/Chamber & Switch
 Application
Carenza using basic strikes and hand switches

For those interested in the group practice sessions, visit this blog to find postings of when we plan or schedule the group practice sessions.   If you have any further questions, you can find the FCS Kali West Coast Fan Page in Facebook and contact, Bernie or me.

Maraming Salamat,

Erwin G
"Live Now!" - L.D. Stoney Stone


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Neurophysiologic Basis of Motor Learning in FMA

Neurophysiologic Basis of Motor Learning in FMA
 as posted by Simeon Lao from FCS Kali Facebook

As practitioners of FMA primarily are always going through the process of learning, carrying out drills, templates, sumbradas  as in any other martial art who may have forms, katas etc. I thought it would be appropriate to reinforce Ka Ron post on the scientific basis of motor learning, in our case skills acquisition. Often times when martial skills are taught - it would vary from one teacher to another, and unlike the class room setting where ideas are imparted. In the the area of martial skills we have to take the next step of physically being able to execute the intended skill being learned. That is why when an instructor demonstrates, as student we attempt to mirror or mimic. Ofcourse our repetition of the perceived motor or movement pattern may not be completely accurate because of individual interpretation. As we go through our motion of drills, templates and sumbradas we need to consider carefully the  purpose of our drills, and not to get stuck in the rut of performing a drill for the sake of it but to establish a goal, delivery of the components with the appropriate energy and intent. We also have to take into consideration that in the engagement of combat or conflict there will be numerous external factors affecting our delivery. The more we can simulate the environment of which we may have to execute these movements the better our chances of being succesful in our endeavor. These various environments will train our neurophysiologic system both motor, sensory and cognitive. Our perception of the incoming strike will be challenged as we  try to maintain our balance on the gravel ground we are standing on. Below is an outline of Motor skills and the development of motor skills from neurophysiologic perspective. This is current published data and not merely an opinion, we can safely say that it has solid basis on published peer reviewed material from the research & medical communities.
Pre-requisites of motor control 
• Musculoskeletal system
• Sensory-motor control system
• Cognitive processes

Pre-requisites of sensory-motor learning:
• Ability of the nervous system to adapt (Neuroplasticity)
• Practice
• Cognitive and psychological application

What factors influence sensory-motor learning?
• Physical
– Sensory feedback – sight, hearing, proprioception
– Musculoskeletal: Muscle framework, strength and posture
– Neurological processing & connectivity and co-ordination
• Psychological
– Pleasure - pain
– Motivation, drive and desire – boredom, failure, anxiety
• Cognitive
– Decision making
– Sequencing - planning
– Reasoning
– Concentration and attention
– Language and comprehension – ability to understand instructions

Neuroplasticity - behavioural level
• Associative learning – reward, pleasure, pain – Pavlov’s dog
• Non-associative learning – reflex – habituation / sensitisation
• Declarative or explicit memory / learning (consciously aware of
remembering e.g. facts) learning is very rapid
• Non-declarative  or implicit  memory / learning – motor skills
(demonstrated by ‘doing’)

Practice -
• Simple repetition is not enough
• Context: goal orientated, relevant, real vs. imagined (Ching-yi
Wu Arch Phys med 2000)  or simulated (Hu-ing Ma. Am J OT 1999)
• Varied - Random vs. block (Hanlon RE, Arch Phys Med Aug 96)
• Feedback: encouragement
• Learning approaches e.g. Implicit vs. Explicit (Boyd LA,  and
Winstein CJ, Physical Therapy 2003)
• Attention to the task – motivation, success

International Neurorehabilitation Symposium  2009 University of Zurich
Ericsson KA et al. The role of deliberate practice in the acquisition of expert
performance. Psych rev 1993 Vol 100; 3; 363-406Skill acquisition: Implicit and Explic

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Breakfast... Oatmeal and Siniwali

Started the morning with a bowl of oatmeal and jumped into FCS practice with my brother in law.  Began with the salutation, kinda reminds me of a salute, genuflect, with a gunfighter ready pose twist.  Felt a little slow and awkward today, maybe because of the drink last night, or more like hungover from that terrible WWE  fight with Mayweather vs. Ortiz last night!!  Anyways, went over footwork, 12 basic strikes, some give and receive drills, hand to hand flow drill. 

Today the knife drills were fun, it's a sober reminder practicing with simulated blades that every mistake you make, it's a potentially costly lethal cut!

 Trying to get the flow.

 As I'm doing this, somewhere in my head, "Wax on wax off... 
or paint the fence side to side" was resonating.

 Paying for a mistake my body can't afford to cash!

Ended with siniwali drill, timing was off or not up to speed by the time we got to end with siniwali which is usually my high note.   Anyways, more reason to practice this week!

As I  slowly come further along in practicing and learning about FCS I am further motivated, and a  favorite and memorable quote inspires me...   "....the sleeper has awakened...!"

"Live Now!" - L.D. Stoney Stone

Peace out...

Erwin G.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

FCS Kali Cali Bulletin for Los Angeles area: Benefit Seminar for GM BOBBY TABOADA

Benefit Seminar for GM BOBBY TABOADA

Where:   Five star Martial Arts,
              4201 Wilshire Blvd.Suite No.105
              Los Angeles, CA 90010

When:  ‎2:30PM Sunday, September 25th. 2011

Featuring Instructors:
                         GM Nene Gaabucayan of NNG BALINTAWAK INTL.
                        GM Virgil Cavada of APPLIED BALINTAWAK ESKRIMA 

Also Demonstration  of Richard"Army"Maguire of AGELESS STRENGTH

GM Bobby Taboada has been hospitalized for more than 2 months now.  All the proceeds will be given to him to help his mounting hospital bills.

Your HELP will be greatly appreciated.    Seminar fee is $60.00


Donations are also being accepted:
Send donations to Nene Gaabucayan at 1150 1/2 N Mariposa Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90029


Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Feature on this Blog - Glossary of Terms Tab

This blog is still in it's infancy and we have many ideas on how to utilize the blog as an information and communication tool, as we move forward, I will add features to the blog, so keep tuned in to see what's new!

Today I have added a new tab menu and created a Glossary of FMA Terms for all, in particular those new to FCS and FMA.  Many thanks to Mark Cody who collected the terms and has allowed me to publish his glossary on our site, I hope you all find it helpful and useful.

Maraming Salamat,

Erwin G.

Sunday Morning Practice

Today I did a 3 hour practice with the San Diego group, it was only 4 of us.   I even took my son for the first time to practice, I was proud that when I was getting ready this morning, my son came up to me asking if he could go, I didn't tell him or force him to go, this was on his own.  This practice was more or less going over some basic stuff since my son was with us, we worked out on what we have seen and read from notes, and reviewed over from what we could remember from the seminars.   It was fun seeing my son practice the basics with us, footwork with the male-female formations, some blocking techniques and the basic 12 strikes.   I think my son is more a natural in these movements than myself, good for him!  We're practicing so the next time Rich comes out, we're ready for whatever he throws us, hopefully the muscle memory doesn't fail us!   It's a great session whenever I practice with the group, I come out all sweaty and loose, and feeling awkward at the start, but feeling I've made progress by the end of the session.

There was a nice break during the session, when a couple of our wives joined in momentarily, trying the footwork moves.  It was amusing to see them carrying on as if it were an aerobics or Zumba class step, but hey it's a start, hopefully we can get them to practice with us more seriously next time!  I should have taken some pictures! LOL!  I'll bring a camera next time.

Anyways, I need to be more mindful of my angles when doing siniwali as I hit my training partners knuckles a couple times today, I'll be working on my strikes on my eskrima striking pole - I'll take a picture of how that's setup and post it here.

Peace out... and more to come.

Maraming Salamat,

Erwin G.

Never Forget September 11...

On this day we remember those who perished and gave their lives to save those who were put in harm's way, to the firefighters, police, and all other emergency responders and their families our thoughts are to you today.

Peace to All....

Erwin G.

Friday, September 9, 2011

FCS Kali - West Coast

Today marks the birth of this blog site for the FCS Kali West Coast group, it's purpose is to unify the West Coast members of FCS, beginning with the first West Coast FCS Kali organization under Manong Rich Verdejo and his FCS Cali Crew from the Los Angeles area, teaming up with the newly formed FCS Kali Club of San Diego.  As the FCS following grows all FCS charters and clubs in the West Coast region will be welcomed and acknowledged into this blog site via approval the region's senior FCS Kali representative.

The FCS Kali West Coast blog site welcomes All, please become a blog member to keep up to date on the latest posts.

Maraming Salamat,
Erwin G.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eskrimadors Documentary Teaser


More to Follow...

More to Follow...

These are the humble beginnings of this blog site.   I envision this site to be a share point of sorts for all, and not only do we hope to use this site as an information source on anything FMA or FCS, but also for upcoming events, seminars, or trainings with Ray Dionaldo, and with any other FCS Representatives that will be in the area.   I would also like to post and schedule local San Diego self training or practice sessions for us as a group to become organized on a weekly or bi-monthly schedule.  So be sure to visit this site for future postings of this nature.

Erwin G.

FCS Kali - 1st San Diego Seminar

The following pictures are from July 9-10, 2011.  The 1st FCS Kali Seminar out in San Diego, CA.  We were honored and thrilled to have Tuhon Ray Dionaldo and Marie Lanoy teach and demonstrate FCS techniques!   We hope to have them come out again soon to an even bigger gathering in the near future. 

 Thank You Tuhon Ray Dionaldo and Marie Lanoy for visiting San Diego last July!

 Learning sword technique.

  Playing with the sarong, this was one of my favorite parts of the seminar, I was blown away how effective a weapon the sarong could be.

 Having fun with the sarong at my partner's expense.  


I hope to gather more pictures from those that attended this seminar, if I do I will post them.  

More pictures to be added as I get them.


The First Post : Inspiration and the purpose of this site.

What can I say, I am inspired...  As I write this I think back to not more than 3 months ago my brother in laws introducing the Filipino Martial Arts  to me.  All my life I always loved and respected the martial arts but never became involved with any of the disciplines or systems out there,  other than what I had seen and loved in Bruce Lee movies or Hollywood's depiction of the martial arts, I never trained.   My brother in laws who have more than 60 years of martial arts training between them; one in Taekwondo/Hapkido and the other in Kenpo and his experience with self defense techniques as a Law Enforcement officer, they have in the past shown me a thing or two, but I never did anything else.  I have watched them conduct lessons with students and family,  and this was my only taste in martial arts training.  Why I never fully indulged myself before I believe is because I never found a system that fit me and more I was not inspired enough to make time for a discipline that required dedication and passion.  This has changed and more than ever I wish I had found the inspiration earlier. 

This passed year, my brother in laws have began incorporating a new system to their repertoire, Filipino Martial Arts.  This struck a particular chord, or more inspirationally  sparked a light within me.   Yes, why not the Filipino Martial Arts?  By heritage and culture, myself and my brother in laws are Filipinos and as I observed them becoming more serious and inspired to train in FMA, it stoked my interest.   I quietly listened and saw in their eyes their motivation not only out of their own respect for being open to other martial arts, but for the notion and discovery that the Filipino Martial arts is a more than worthy and respected system, and on top of it all, it is a salute and respect to our culture.  This is what has inspired me along with all the other reasons one dedicates themselves to a martial arts, love of the sport, art, discipline, etc...  This became more pronounced after an event and more so an epiphany that took place for me in the last couple of months.  

The first inspiration being simply attending my first seminar of any kind in martial arts training by participating in Ray Dionaldo's Filipino Combat Systems Kali Seminar last July in San Diego.   I wanted to support my brother in laws by attending this seminar for a good showing, but also for myself to test and see if this was something I can and wanted to do.  The prior weeks to the July weekend FCS seminar I had already begun basic training with eskrima sticks and some hand to hand, and I was hooked, but after getting a taste of the system under the instruction of Ray and his partner Marie, I was getting reeled in more rapidly. Admittedly I was hesitant and intimidated by the company of martial artists surrounding me, all or most of the attendees had some form of martial arts training, I even deduce some at a very high level from military or law enforcement.  All this was awash after seeing that Ray and his system was very open and simple to understand, I realized this is what I had been looking for in a martial art for myself, immediately I was immersed in a very practical and effective system in which the foundations you learn apply to 3 disciplines in itself, stick work, hand to hand, and blade disciplines introduced at the same time, I liked it!

What finally got me in the me into the boat so to speak, is the epiphany of the importance of it all personally as a Filipino.  As the weeks have gone by I listen to my brother in laws and not only what they have been learning in technique, but the history of Filipino Martial Arts.   I borrowed from one of them a documentary that has inspired all three of us no doubt, the very well made documentary, "Eskrimadors: A Filipino Martial Arts Documentary".

 As I dig more into FMA, there is a sad realization that there is very little written, recorded, or documented about Filipino Martial Arts and this is painfully pointed out in the documentary.    For those who have not seen it, I encourage a viewing, as a self proclaimed ambassador I encourage to buy a copy for yourself! "Eskrimadors" paints a beautiful portrayal of the Filipino Martial Arts, you'll get a brief informative synopsis of the origins of FMA, which then warp drives to the 1940's -1970's and how FMA under the Doce Pares system, the most recognized FMA system at the time  and arguably today, became finally recognized internationally.  The documentary ends with the realization that the Filipino Martial Arts could one day be lost in Filipino culture in the sense that as the grand masters of the art age, who will carry the torch if the eskrimadors or Filipino martial artists of tomorrow are not passed onto Filipinos as grandmasters. 

As a Filipino by ethnicity, this is where my inspiration has come from, realizing for myself  as  an American born Filipino I can be a part of something in my culture. Growing up I was one of your basic non stereo typical Filipino Asians, I was only an average student growing up, I blended in American society more than I stood out in any other talent.  As a Filipino, I am even picky on my culture's traditional foods, I don't speak the language at all and barely even understand it, and finally  I don't even sing well in karaoke like so many Filipinos love and or noted in doing, LOL!  Inspite of all that, finally this is how I can honor and pay tribute to my heritage and culture by learning as much as I can about FMA, participate, and help spread the word and inspiration.  As I pick up the discipline and art, I hope to instill to my children and their kids one day to be inspired and help preserve this important part of the Filipino culture as the world continues to recognize and respect the Filipino Martial Arts.

And so begins my tribute to FMA, I am creating this blog site to help create an Filipino Martial Arts presence in the San Diego area under the Filipino Combat System Kali.  While I have aligned myself to the FCS discipline,  I hope this blog becomes a gathering place for FMA enthusiasts, respecting all Filipino Martial Arts styles and all other martial arts.  I believe Bruce Lee had the right idea and philosophy in being open to other forms, arts, and disciplines in the martial arts and with that spirit this blog is for everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read and visit this site, I hope you find it refreshing, informative, and enjoyable.  May this site form a bond with all, and my hope is to one day affiliate it with an official FCS school or representative in the San Diego area.

Maraming salamat,
Erwin G.