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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sundays - Counter and Range Awareness



Today I felt like the theme was countering and range awareness. We got there a little late today so when I got started, the group was going over basic baston defenses. At first it was about making sure everyone has the defenses down, and then expanding on it. I was paired up with Bernie at first. After a few times of just doing defenses we started moving around. He would change the distance here and there making me have to adjust my defenses to the ranges.

Then we were instructed to add a single counter strike. Again we would move around and he would change up the range in which I would have to adapt and strike accordingly. After a a few times of doing that we added two more strikes. So after the counter we would have to attempt three strikes.And then we were told to try to do largo strikes after the counter. He pointed out that since we like to move in, we have a tendency to keep our elbows in during our strikes, but that doesn't work for largo because it doesn't take advantage of the range. So we would need to extend.

After a few times of doing this he started to break the rhythm and wouldn't always give me enough time to finish my all of my strikes. So after one counter I might have enough time to land 3 strikes, and after the next counter I might only have time to land one strike. He would also switch hands once in a while so our defenses and strikes would have to adapt to that as well. This would force us to be more aware of the situation instead of just looking at it as a set pattern.

I'm cool, we good.

All this moving around was starting to affect me. I had to take a few breathers because my fractured ribs were making it harder to breathe. Plus it hurts to laugh, sneeze, or cough, in which I was doing all of these things during today's practice. With all of that put together I was starting to break a sweat too. But for the most part I was ok so I just kept on going.

After this we  moved on to punyo entries. We went over the right side entries going high and low. After doing each of those a few times Bernie had us combine the two together. To help keep a rhythm going we would enter on three of our four count. We also worked on the left side entry as well as transitions. Well at least he had me work on transitions since it is part of Level II.

Next we worked on mano y mano. We started out doing regular hubad, then we did the inside check, outside punch, and then forearm strike. I was partnered up with Glenda for this drill. I liked how she would change it up a little and have her strikes come from different angles. We would also move around while keeping our flow.

Damn you ribs!

I was having a lot of trouble with the next drill because of my ribs. And in the middle of going over knife template my ribs finally won. By this time I was having a harder time breathing and I couldn't do certain moves to the left. Even before that Tracee was telling to take a break in which I did for a couple minutes, but went back in and stupid me the pain got worse. So I told the group I was heading home. The majority of the group was telling me to just get some rest, but I love to train. Brian pointed out that I can't train if I make my injury worse so I told them I would rest until Friday. If I feel good on Friday though I will most likely train.

Anyway, I was having a lot of fun today, but my injury got the best of me. I was dying out there! lol. So for now I'm gonna get some rest. Have a good one everyone. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

Osairis says "No more playing with knives Dad! I eat cho knife!"


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