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Monday, March 3, 2014

Step by Step


Yesterday during practice we were going over sumbrada and I kept on messing up on my footing which was getting me a little tied up. Actually my footing as all over the place yesterday. Since my footing was wrong my angles were off and I kept on getting hit with the sak-sak. At times I couldn’t keep up with the beat because my footing just kept throwing me off. I was over anticipating the movements on the first strike, getting ahead of myself, and not closing the triangle well because I would short step on my right (that’s how I was getting hit with the sak-sak). So today I took some time to work on my footwork for that drill.

For the first 5-10 minutes I was going really slow. First going over the stick movements and then slowly adding in the footwork. I had to remember that my right side-step had to match how wide my left angle-step was during the high-wing block so that my triangle would close properly, and set me up to shield for the sak-sak better. I just kept on doing it over and over until I got it right. Then it was a matter of being able to consistently repeat the motions.

Then I also remembered that I was standing too square on Sunday so I made sure to correct that as well. It was a little awkward at first because from what I remembered when I first learned the drill, both the feeder and receiver are standing square, in a neutral position, but I guess that is to just get the movements down for the drill. We didn’t begin standing in a fighting stance and that threw me off. It was a quick fix though.

The other issue I had was that I naturally wanted to step in for the sak-sak, but that can throw off the drill if the receiver doesn’t respond properly to it. It would force the drill to be in motion right off the bat, which is ok, but I still need to get down the foundation of it first. It took me a few minutes to correct, but I think I got it now. So now it would be a matter of actually doing the drill with a partner. BABE WAKE UP! lol. Oh well maybe tomorrow. Haha.

I’ll probably do this some more tomorrow along with some other drills. I also need to work on weeding out another bad habit which is completely stopping when I make a mistake. This could be costly in a real life situation. Anyway, that’s all for tonight. ItsYoBoyFlex and I’m out.

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