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FCS Kali San Diego - Established September 25th, 2011


FCS Kali Curriculum as posted on the FCS Kali Website, this is the official curriculum authored by Tuhon Ray Dionaldo and posted with permission by official FCS Kali Representative Manong Rich Verdejo.

Below is a general basic outline of the FCS curriculum. This curriculum is taught in addition to the basic physical skills require to perform the mandatory movements and techniques.
This is the only legitimate posting of the FCS curriculum in existence.
All of the requirements for ranks and positions listed below are current and up to date. Filipino Combat Systems will not recognize anyone who does not meet these minimum requirements.  Any individual or individuals claiming otherwise, are guilty of fraud.

FCS Level 1
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FCS Level 2
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FCS Level 3
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FCS Level 4
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FCS Level 5
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FCS Level 1-5
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