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Friday, March 28, 2014

Funday Friday - Gotta Take It Easy, What?


So after a few days rest I'm starting to feel a little better. My voice is coming back, my cough is going away, and my chesticles or Feli-rib steak is starting to feel a little better. There still is pain there, but it is less than last weekend. Though I have to admit this was really hard for me to not train this week. And if the wifey didn't get on my case about it I probably would have. So to make sure I don't make it worse we took it easy.

We started out doing Sinawali. I wasn't sure how the ribs was going to take it so we didn't go too hard. We started out with Heaven 6, then Standard 6, and then Earth 6. After we combined all three. After doing each of those a few times we moved on to Negative 6 or Reverse Sinawali. I've been practicing this for a while so I got better at it. I showed James the steps I took to get it down because it can feel awkward. From doing my strikes very slow, to the steering wheel turn in the middle which sets you up for strike 4, to the foot work which helps keeping the flow going on the other side.

After we went into Hubad. I decided that we might as well throw in some knives to get more practice with getting in cuts right off the bat.We did single blade and double blade. Even tried changing our grips and even doing different grips from each other as well as different grips for each hand. For example Double Pikal grip vs Forward and Pikal grip. We tried to getting in different types of cuts with each type of grips. After doing that for a while we went through different variations of empty-hand Hubad and eventually started throwing in the Rooster kicks.

James even showed me some disarm/grip transition drills. I like these a lot because it teaches you to gain the weapon vs just trying to get rid of it. Getting rid of the weapon doesn't give me an advantage, it simply helps equalize the situation. Gaining the weapon on the other hand WILL give me the advantage which is better. We still need to work on this more, but its getting there.

Along with this we also went over different ways to change grip. Things like either tossing up or dropping the knife and then changing grips on the catch. Changing grips within the hand, like what you mostly see in videos. James also showed another way of changing grips by resting the blade on the arm. Its hard for me to change grips within the hand due to how my hand is shaped (more concave than most) so finding other ways to change grip is great for me.


We also went over what would be a good way to defend against a thrust that is coming up in an 45 degree angle toward the jugular. Its fast like jab so certain defenses didn't make sense. So far what we found that a simple check to stop the attack from coming in was the safest which can also setup for us to come in to either redirect back into the assailant, disarm, or to simply gain control, throw in a couple strikes and setup for something else.

Today's practice was fun. We were still able to go over a lot of different things even though I have my injury. Not sure how it's going to go on Sunday though, but I'm going to do my best to try to keep up with the group. Well that's it for today so happy training everyone and see you soon. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

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