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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beach Day Saturdays - Review, Refine, Enhance



Today James met up with us at the beach. We went over a little bit of both Level I & II today, but with my spin on it. Basically what I do is I try to combine a couple of things together that can go hand in hand. So just like any other practice we start off with our Salute and then a warm up.

First was combing foot work with defences. I told James how Ed explained to me how we can get really good at foot work, and we can get really good at defenses, but the moment we start to combine things it can get really sloppy. My example of this is when I was working with Bernie, trying to get my footing right during Sumbrada. I showed him which defenses I do with each type of footwork. For example I combine 4 Wall defenses with male, Umbrella defenses with female, and combing both of those concepts to Diamond. I strongly emphasized working of the bad hand so that we get good using both sides. So we would switch weapon hands here and there. We did this for a while and then moved on to the next warm up, strikes and switches.

For this drill I combined hand switching with all of the basic strikes. This gives you the opportunity to work on perfecting your strikes with each hand by switching back and fourth, as well as being able to identify how you can switch off of the different strikes. For example, how to switch during Aboniko, how to switch from Redondo, or even how to switch from Aboniko to Redondo to Labtik to Chamber to Redondo. Still with me? lol. We also went over our basic hand switching too.

After this we went through 1-36 of 64 stick form. From there we went into defending against 1-36. Then we practiced basic disarms. After that we were ready to move on to something else so we decided to work with blades.


First we started out doing Hubad and making sure to get in cuts. I decided to change things up and have the one person use a Pikal grip while the other has a forward grip. This way we can practice getting in cuts in with both grips. The after a few minutes of that I decided hey lets throw in another knife. So now we both were doing Daga y Daga in forward grip. Our rhythm started to break so we decided that one of us would sheath a knife. We took turns with that as well.

To finish off we worked on some knife tapping. We made sure to work on our locks and picks. Picks are one of those things that I need more work on. We did this for a few minutes and took turns being feeder and receiver.

I had a lot of fun training today. Wish the sun came out earlier though. We also had to end things right at noon due to other things we had going on today. Tomorrow is our official club practice so I'm looking forward to training with everyone there. Have a good one. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.


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