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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Beach Day Saturdays - Family Fun Day

To the beach!

Today we hit the beach, specifically Windansea Beach in La Jolla, to train, but also to spend time with family. The beach had a wash up of seaweed so we walked down Neptune until we found a spot that looked good. Less seaweed, open area to train, and easy to see for those who might be coming to join us and the fams. We made our way down so we can set up. My sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and my daughter showed up shortly.


Training with the Wifey.

After I got everything set up I started warming up. Since the Wifey is working on her Level I, we only went over Level I material. Today it was primarily stick work. We went over 1-12 stick form, basic strikes, ranges, switches, and defenses. She kept on messing up on her footing because her feet kept on digging in deeper into the sand  during the drills. Plus its harder to move around in soft sand.

Training at the beach is spiritual for me.

We finished up with defenses so from there I practiced on my own. I did some Sinawali, single stick Carenza, I went over all of Level I and some Level II material, and also did some Espada y Daga. I have to say that practicing at the beach is awesome. Sunshine, cool breeze, the waves crashing, it was pretty spiritual for me. I wouldn't mind doing all of our practices at the beach.


Daddy Let's Play!

After we just had fun. Playing in the sand, getting our feet wet, and eating some grub. Too bad no one else came out. It would have been nice to have more folks out with us. All good though maybe next time. Tomorrow is our group practice and Manong Rich is coming down. If you're free and want to come check us out, you can find more info herehttp://fcskaliwestcoast.blogspot.coml

Well better hit the sack so I can get some rest for tomorrow. It was a fun day. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.


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