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FCS Kali San Diego - Established September 25th, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

FCS Kali Club of San Diego - Group Practice - November 27th, 2011

So I woke up this morning slowly getting out of bed, thoughts of coffee and lingering effects of 3 days  of straight food coma giving me a food hang over.  My son was even ready before me this morning, I hastily got our gear together and we got to practice a little late, though my body wasn't feeling it early on I had one reason to get up for practice for sure... I had my new knife training rig to bring today!  The last 2-3 weeks rain has threatened to come down upon us on a San Diego Sunday, this week after a few days of cool brisk Fall weather, today we were greeted with an Indian Summer type of day, for us San Diegans we are used to this, virtually every day seems like an Indian Summer, but spoiled as we are when those days leave us and we experience normal weather we cry.... but not today and this kicked off another great day of practice with an added surprise bonus for the San Diego Crew.  While we had some of our regulars out today, we had a new participant - Mike Gomez, welcome and thank you for joining us!  Mike is a long time practitioner, Guru, and even "professor" of martial arts, not only has Mike practiced the combat side of the art, but also the healing side and for this it was a special session to have him with us.  Our Sunday practice emphasized the basic Level Curriculum as we wanted to further review what we may face and be expected to demonstrate for our Level 1 Test Out with Manong Rich.  It's funny how time flies, today what seemed like only a couple hours, we ended being out there for almost 4, a definite good day!

L to R:  Erwin, Tony, Wendell, Jason, Ed, Mike, Bernard, Jeremy
Kneeling:  Glenda, Josh, Paolo

Although we had a good session of practive, the special treat we had today was to see some of the healing art of FMA, Mike was willing to show us some "Filipino Hilot", from what I can try to describe it's a Filipino form of Reiki/Chinese/chiroporactic style massage, one of our own - Ed, volunteered eagerly for a demonstration from Mike on his healing technique.  In Ed's case he was stiff from Thanksgiving Day's Flag Football session with the family and was stiff from a sore back.  Mike proceeded to work with Ed as you will see in some of this week's pictures that with various pulls, stretches of the limbs, joints, muscles, and a combination of accu-pressure style technique, the mysteries of how our body and mind can work itself to help heal can open doors to relief.  This was great to see this demonstration as it surely looked relieving and comforting what Mike was doing for Ed's aching back! All this was a reminder that there is a balance to what we do, while we have the combative side of our art and system, we should also be mindful of the healing side, after today this is a most healthful reminder for ourselves.  Once again, thank you "professor" Mike Gomez, we hope to see you become a regular to our San Diego Crew, to all others who were at group Practice today, thank you for your continued dedication and hard work!

Maraming Salamat,

Erwin G.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Trainers and Live Blades, It's a Start....

So I find it a little ironic since I began training FCS Kali that I now play with knives, for the longest time personally sharp objects have always been a phobia for me.   I guess there's no better way to overcome a phobia than to jump right there in with it!.   So here's my rig I've begun to put together along with some live blades I've started collecting... oh boy... is this gonna get expensive...?  ;)

Pictured are training blades from Keen Edge Knives:  2 - Pukulan Trainers, 2 - P3+1 Tactical Training Knives, P6 - "the Shrike" 7inch trainer;  Cold Steel FGX Karambit (live - fiberglass reinforced plastic); Smith and Wesson Karambit folder (live); Ray Dionaldo's Karambit Trainer

Erwin G.


Monday, November 21, 2011

FCS Kali West Coast - Group Practice and Extended Training 11-20-2011

From L to R: Erwin, Dan, Marlon, Bernard, Angelo, Glenda, Jr., Ed, Mng. Rich, Wendall, Karen, Paolo, Jim, John,  Jeremy

I love Sunday Group practice, but even more when Manong Rich comes down.  It was a very good day of group practice, first off we had 2 new participants show up and even participate in the extended training.   FCS Kali West Coast welcomes Wendall and John!!  Awesome to have you guys come out and we look forward to you both becoming regular members.  Secondly, we are appreciative for those who were able to attend the extended training, this was a good showing for our San Diego Crew to be there and spending the extra time with Mng. Rich., it was also great to meet two other students Rich brought down, Karen and Jim, and so the FCS  Kali West Coast Family grows!

Once again as has been the norm the last three Sundays, rain threatened to wash out our group practice, but it was gonna continue come rain or shine, especially if Rich is taking his time to come down and visit us!  I do believe Mng. Rich was happy to see how the San Diego FCS club is forming up and got a good feel as to where we are at, so much so he is already planning on possibly testing out some of us for Level 1 - oh boy!  His reputation precedes him, we hear Rich is notorious for grueling test outs, and who knows what lays in store for us.    In preparation for an upcoming test out at Level 1, Mng. Rich reviewed what he expects from us with his Level 1 test out which covers the Level 1 Curriculum, after this Rich generously helped break down parts of the drills we have been covering, such review and insight is great edification.  So great thank you to Rich for coming down and we look forward to his visits, (well maybe not too much on the test out). LOL!   A thank you to the San Diego group for the continued support and dedication.

Maraming Salamat,

Erwin G.


Monday, November 14, 2011

FCS Kali Club of San Diego - Group Practice - November 13th, 2011

Yesterday was another beautiful San Diego morning for Group Practice at our "Luneta", and for the 9 of us who were there it was a good practice.  We covered more of the same from last week, however did more drills. 6 count Siniwali and 6 count Sumbrada was practiced in line formation while switching partners every few minutes.  We also covered FCS form up to 22 count and ended GP with a little knife flow drill.  We're getting better slowly but surely,  practice, practice, practice.  For those at GP last Sunday, as always thank you for being there and showing your support of FCS!

Maraming Salamat

Erwin G.

L to R:  Bernard, Jeremy, Paolo, Ed, Glenda, Angelo, Josh, Daniel, Erwin


Friday, November 11, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Bow to Great GrandMaster Ming Lum

  • For every student of martial arts there is always a teacher or master that has influenced them so greatly that they are revered, the world is a little less brighter in the martial arts when a true grand master has left us, but their inspiration and influence they left behind lays rooted within their students through the skills and traditions they have passed on.  We pay tribute and bow to one of the true great grandmasters and ambassadors of the martial arts....

    Great GrandMaster Ming Lum 1926-2011

    "Great Grandmaster Ming Lum was born in Chung San, Canton, China but grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii. He's known as Gung Fu's Godfather to two generations. Grandmaster Ming Lum started his martial arts training while in grade school at the Chungsan Language School in Honolulu where he trained Fut Gar (Buddha Family) with Grandmaster Lam Dai Young, one of three of the best at that time. He also trained Jujitsu with Grandmaster Henry Okazaki and Judo with Kenny Kawatachi during 1940-1941 just before WWII broke out. In 1955 he moved to San Francisco, California. In 1957, Grandmaster Lum began to study with Choy Li Fut Grandmaster Lau Bun. In the 1960's he was the first to introduce the Shaw Bros. Gung Fu Film's in San Francisco area. He was first to bring Chinese stylist to enter karate tournaments and has opened the doors for a non-Chinese to learn Gung Fu in San Francisco."

    "Grandmaster Ming Lum has numerous of recognition awards and has also been inducted in the 1992 AMAPA Hall of Fame. He has also been inducted into the Hawaii Kenpo Jujitsu Society Hall of Fame in 1999. "

    "He is truly a man of his words and deeds. Highly respected around the world among laypersons and martial artists alike. In addition to his many duties, community responsibilities he also serves as one of the first senior advisors of the Hawaii Kenpo Jujitsu Society since it's founding in 1995."

    "Great Grandmaster Ming Lum has been council, advisor and public relations extraordinaire to virtually every martial arts promoter and tournament promoter in California. His renown is as such that he forms the cultural goodwill bridge between Asia and the United States. Primarily because he is knowledgeable of virtually every style of martial art taught in China and his acquaintance with all of the Great Grandmasters of both continents."

    "Great Grandmaster Ming Lum has been responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of success stories in the martial arts. Working closely with the San Francisco Chinatown community and the City of San Francisco to bring each closer to the needs and understandings of these contrasting cultures."

    "My elder, my friend, You will be missed but we shall share stories of you forever" - Rich Verdejo

    Biography Source:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Notes on 6 Count Sumbrada

For our members who were brain scrambled between their left and right during Group Practice, here are notes on the 6 Count Sumbrada that will hopefully help.

6 Count Sumbrada
  1. Sak Sak (strike)
  2. High Wing (block)
  3. Low back hand (strike)
  4. Shield (block)
  5. Redondo (strike)
  6. Low defense (block)
Remember, you are alternating strikes and blocks, if you initiate the feed (Sak Sak), then the receiver starts with a block (Shield).  Another way to look at it is, Feeder starts #1 Sak Sak, and the receiver starts #4 Shield block.  Start in the largo range, but once you go into the medio range you need to start checking.
Four Count with Entry:
Righ Hand (High)
  1. Entrance on #3 strike
  2. Feeder check (C-cup), punyo strike; Receiver check punyo
  3. Feeder throw hand high, check receivers check; Receiver punyo strike
  4. Feeder block punyo, sweep; receiver remove sweep (palm up)
  5. Feeder low strike, receiver low block
  6. Continue flow
Left Hand (most movement with the right hand)
  1. Entrance on #3 strike
  2. Feeder move in punyo strike; Receiver check punyo, then punyo strike
  3. Feeder slap block, then back knuckle to face; Receiver check back knuckle, then Punyo strike
  4. Feeder right hand block and sweep down; Receiver pluck hand off
  5. Feeder low strike, receiver low block
  6. Continue flow

Source:  from the notes of Bernard Herrera


Sunday, November 6, 2011

FCS Kali Training: Father & Son Hubad Flow Drill

I hope fellow FCS Kali brethren Simeon Lao doesn't mind me posting this here, but he should be proud.... stuff like this inspires me and I hope it does to others...  I love the work and even more so because it's father & son quality time, great job!

Erwin G.


FCS Kali Club of San Diego - Group Practice - November 6th, 2011

     This morning there was a threat of rain to dampen things for Sunday Group Practice, however come rain or what be, we were going to meet!  If need be, a couple of us were ready to practice in the rain (albeit cold rain would have not been fun), LOL!  Fall has arrived at our "Luneta" (Heritage) Park and we were greeted with cloudy skies and a brisk cool morning which helped us open warm ups with a quick 5 lap run around the basketball courts, mixing it up with varied laps of regular run, zig zags, reverse, and laterals.  Practice was more or less the same as least week, although no knife tapping today.   Picking up from 6 count siniwali, we tried our hand at 6 count sambrada and working our way to a flow drill based on this.   

     How are we doing...? Two months in and with a steady count of at least 10 participants on average, we are overall still learning to crawl, but every week we strive towards that expected level. We'll get there as we get more familiar and comfortable with the skills. While we develop the physical aspects of the art we are inspired to learn, personally I enjoy the camaraderie developing , like any other group organization a bond and unity is formed and develops and this to is coming into fruition for our small club.  While today was another good day of practice and great to see our regulars,  I end today's blog with a quote to inspire....

"If you want to go into the martial arts
don't do it unless you want to become 
better than the others.
You must practice, practice, practice.
                                  - A.P. MARI√ĎAS

Left to Right:  Erwin, Daniel, Angelo, Glenda, Josh, Ed, Jeremy, Bernie
Missing in Pic: Marlon, Marlon Jr., and Issac

Maraming Salamat,
Erwin G.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Training in the style of FCS Kali Cali - Blogging thoughts from Manong Rich Verdejo

    Since I worked it til I wanted to throw up the night before, I was itching to kill my group the next night. Gave the group another taste of the old "Garage Workout" All we were missing are my truck tires :( 
    We started off with 3-5min rounds on the heavy bag. Each round progressing in speed and power. We should be killing that banana bag on the 3rd round! Once our loosened up and the blood flowing came the exercises..the fun stuff..the killer stuff to some. Using the female open triangle, we burned our legs as we did 130 repetitions at 4 different levels. That's 520 total! 

    Next up is to incorporate the upper body simply by doin a push-up and a small hop up to a squat position. They did about 100 of those, ahhh good times so far! 
Getting a little soft-hearted, I decided to give them a small break on the 3rd torture. Had them do a double shoot (imagine a wrestler shooting for a take down) So it was shoot in, stand up, shoot in again! Now instead of the usual 3 sets of 30, I only had them do 15! That's right 15 reps! And they were dying half way through by this time..tsk-tsk!
Seeing that they're really really tired now, I said "ok, go ahead and lay down" Suckersss! now lets pump out 3 sets of 10 Up-kicks! (image laying on the floor raising your pelvis so you're able to kick opponent's face) but don't let your feet touch back to the floor :)  Almost done with the WARM-UPs folks :) Now lift your pelvis off the floor till you're on your shoulder blades and pump both legs up only using your lower abs, again without dropping your legs to the floor. 3 sets of 30.
   OK, now for some training. Learning how to Bob-n-Weave in a stick match can be beneficial. For one, it's highly unexpected and can keep you in the range you want to be in. The drill goes as your partner swings at your head, you duck/bob and then block the return swing by using your walls. Try using a bat/pipe or war-club cause it really forces you to do it properly..haha! It's also, a good way to burn those thighs. It's always good to hear.."I think I'm gonna throw up." That means I did my job.

Manong RV


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Got Sticks...?

For those in need of sticks,  practice eskrima sticks will be available for purchase.

1 pair (2 sticks) for $10.00 dollars.

See Bernard at this Sunday's Group Practice....

Any questions or if you would like to place an order email at:

Maraming Salamat,
Erwin G.