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Friday, March 14, 2014

Funday Friday - No Excuses


No Excuses

I forgot the wifey had to work today, but I didn't let that stop me. I got up early, started to get Osairis and myself ready, and out the door to get to practice on time. We even got there a few minutes early. It was a lot to load and unload, but I got it done. Went to our usual practicing area, gave Osairis his breakfast, and got started with warming up.
James got there and soon after Osairis wanted to go play. So like what I usually do when its just Osairis and me, I tried to let him tire himself out. Mean while, James started to warm up and started going over a few things. After a while he finally wanted a break so we made our way back to our practice spot and I gave him some snacks so he would be occupied while James and I got started.

Level II

We went over some Level II material today since it was just us again. Primarily stick transitions, and knife tapping. We also did Sumbrada and Sumbrada disarms. To start off we did the stick transitions. We went over them slowly. I think I got them. It's a matter of repetition now so it can really sink in.

Next we went over Sumbrada. I've been practicing the footwork for this drill so now its starting to fee more natural. I still need a little more work on it though.
Then we went over Sumbrada disarms. This was fun. Trying to find out where we can use snake and vine disarms. I remember doing this once at one of our Sunday practices. A couple of the disarms felt a little awkward simply because of how the arms were positioned, but they were doable.

In the middle of us training Osairis wanted to get out of his stroller again to play so we took a little break. I let him run around to try to chase the ducks. This ultimately got him tired so this time he wanted to take his nap. Sweet! Now we can practice without any interruptions.

Finally, we ended with knife tapping. We went over plucks, locks, and wrist pulls. For fun James decided to throw in the prison shank. That automatically broke the drill so we went into breaking that down again and other possible ways to counter. So we would start with knife tapping and at any moment the feeder would attempt the prison shank, grabbing the shirt and doing continuous stabs like a sewing machine.

Oh did I mention that we warmed up with some Sinawali? We didn't really get into karambits since we were ending our practice. So we just took a few pics for fun. lol. Maybe we'll go over it next Friday or possibly tomorrow. On another note, taking Osairis with me to train was hard. I couldn't just focus on my training because I also had to make sure he had his fun in the sun, too. Having to take breaks here and there for him and then trying to train in between is what I had to do. But in the end I got it done. No excuses.

Well that's it for today. It was fun day today. Lots of sunshine, cool breeze, playing with Osairis in the play ground and chasing ducks, and training with James. We also saw a ground hog in the park. At least think it was a ground hog. It was peeping in and out of a hole it dug so I must assume that it if walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it must be a ground hog.......... jk ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

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