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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday At The Park


Twas a good day today. Had a little bit of a late start. When we got there Bernie and Ed had the group going over hand switches from each of the 12 strikes from 1-12 of 64 Stick Form. What was nice about this drill is that it showed how you can do each strike with either hand and also how to switch to either hand doing the same strike. Very much like what James and I worked on the other weekend with hand switches from the basic strikes. I like this drill a lot because it also works my left more which is my bad hand. Though I must admit that my left is starting to get better now, but it definitely still needs a lot of work.

Next, Ed had us work on Hubad, but incorporating a draw of a blade or two. This was fun. It helps show and build muscle memory on how, when, and where to delpoy. It also helps the feeder see what targets are available and which target might be a little better depending on what grip was used to deploy the blade, at what point it was deployed, and from where it was deployed. I noticed that no one was doing any low line cuts so I threw in some cuts behind the knee on my partner to show that there are a lot more targets available.

Then we went on to Knife Tapping. Ed had us partner up according to level so we could practice on our respective level of Knife Tapping. This is good because I need more practice on Level Two Knife Tapping. Ed decided to partner up with me so that he could break down Level Two Knife tapping to me. He broke down each little movement so that I could have a better understanding of the moves and to pick out the little mistakes that I would make right off the bat.

Bernie had us work on Mano Mano Template after that. He walked us step by step from both the feeder and receiver perspective so that each person would have a chance to feed and receive. He also showed us how we can change the role and become feeder from receiver. This can be done at pretty much any point during the drill. I really like these types of drills that teach us how to become the feeder because if you stay the receiver you will eventually get hit, or cut. How many times have we seen on UFC or in a boxing match where one fighter throws a barrage of strikes while the other fighter just tries to defend? The person trying to defend might be successful with the first set of strikes, but eventually the strikes will start to land.

To continue on from that Bernie had us work on Knife template. The movements from Mano Mano Template and Knife Template are very similar. Again he walked us step by step from both the feeder and receiver perspectives. From there he went on to how to change roles. That's pretty much where we ended today's practice.

It was a lot of fun today. The weather cleared up nicely, we had a good size group, and we went over a good amount of material. I'm going to try to be better at remembering to take some pictures from our Sunday practices so that I have more visuals for everyone to see on this blog. Anyway, happy training everyone and till next time, ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Funday Friday - Gotta Take It Easy, What?


So after a few days rest I'm starting to feel a little better. My voice is coming back, my cough is going away, and my chesticles or Feli-rib steak is starting to feel a little better. There still is pain there, but it is less than last weekend. Though I have to admit this was really hard for me to not train this week. And if the wifey didn't get on my case about it I probably would have. So to make sure I don't make it worse we took it easy.

We started out doing Sinawali. I wasn't sure how the ribs was going to take it so we didn't go too hard. We started out with Heaven 6, then Standard 6, and then Earth 6. After we combined all three. After doing each of those a few times we moved on to Negative 6 or Reverse Sinawali. I've been practicing this for a while so I got better at it. I showed James the steps I took to get it down because it can feel awkward. From doing my strikes very slow, to the steering wheel turn in the middle which sets you up for strike 4, to the foot work which helps keeping the flow going on the other side.

After we went into Hubad. I decided that we might as well throw in some knives to get more practice with getting in cuts right off the bat.We did single blade and double blade. Even tried changing our grips and even doing different grips from each other as well as different grips for each hand. For example Double Pikal grip vs Forward and Pikal grip. We tried to getting in different types of cuts with each type of grips. After doing that for a while we went through different variations of empty-hand Hubad and eventually started throwing in the Rooster kicks.

James even showed me some disarm/grip transition drills. I like these a lot because it teaches you to gain the weapon vs just trying to get rid of it. Getting rid of the weapon doesn't give me an advantage, it simply helps equalize the situation. Gaining the weapon on the other hand WILL give me the advantage which is better. We still need to work on this more, but its getting there.

Along with this we also went over different ways to change grip. Things like either tossing up or dropping the knife and then changing grips on the catch. Changing grips within the hand, like what you mostly see in videos. James also showed another way of changing grips by resting the blade on the arm. Its hard for me to change grips within the hand due to how my hand is shaped (more concave than most) so finding other ways to change grip is great for me.


We also went over what would be a good way to defend against a thrust that is coming up in an 45 degree angle toward the jugular. Its fast like jab so certain defenses didn't make sense. So far what we found that a simple check to stop the attack from coming in was the safest which can also setup for us to come in to either redirect back into the assailant, disarm, or to simply gain control, throw in a couple strikes and setup for something else.

Today's practice was fun. We were still able to go over a lot of different things even though I have my injury. Not sure how it's going to go on Sunday though, but I'm going to do my best to try to keep up with the group. Well that's it for today so happy training everyone and see you soon. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sundays - Counter and Range Awareness



Today I felt like the theme was countering and range awareness. We got there a little late today so when I got started, the group was going over basic baston defenses. At first it was about making sure everyone has the defenses down, and then expanding on it. I was paired up with Bernie at first. After a few times of just doing defenses we started moving around. He would change the distance here and there making me have to adjust my defenses to the ranges.

Then we were instructed to add a single counter strike. Again we would move around and he would change up the range in which I would have to adapt and strike accordingly. After a a few times of doing that we added two more strikes. So after the counter we would have to attempt three strikes.And then we were told to try to do largo strikes after the counter. He pointed out that since we like to move in, we have a tendency to keep our elbows in during our strikes, but that doesn't work for largo because it doesn't take advantage of the range. So we would need to extend.

After a few times of doing this he started to break the rhythm and wouldn't always give me enough time to finish my all of my strikes. So after one counter I might have enough time to land 3 strikes, and after the next counter I might only have time to land one strike. He would also switch hands once in a while so our defenses and strikes would have to adapt to that as well. This would force us to be more aware of the situation instead of just looking at it as a set pattern.

I'm cool, we good.

All this moving around was starting to affect me. I had to take a few breathers because my fractured ribs were making it harder to breathe. Plus it hurts to laugh, sneeze, or cough, in which I was doing all of these things during today's practice. With all of that put together I was starting to break a sweat too. But for the most part I was ok so I just kept on going.

After this we  moved on to punyo entries. We went over the right side entries going high and low. After doing each of those a few times Bernie had us combine the two together. To help keep a rhythm going we would enter on three of our four count. We also worked on the left side entry as well as transitions. Well at least he had me work on transitions since it is part of Level II.

Next we worked on mano y mano. We started out doing regular hubad, then we did the inside check, outside punch, and then forearm strike. I was partnered up with Glenda for this drill. I liked how she would change it up a little and have her strikes come from different angles. We would also move around while keeping our flow.

Damn you ribs!

I was having a lot of trouble with the next drill because of my ribs. And in the middle of going over knife template my ribs finally won. By this time I was having a harder time breathing and I couldn't do certain moves to the left. Even before that Tracee was telling to take a break in which I did for a couple minutes, but went back in and stupid me the pain got worse. So I told the group I was heading home. The majority of the group was telling me to just get some rest, but I love to train. Brian pointed out that I can't train if I make my injury worse so I told them I would rest until Friday. If I feel good on Friday though I will most likely train.

Anyway, I was having a lot of fun today, but my injury got the best of me. I was dying out there! lol. So for now I'm gonna get some rest. Have a good one everyone. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

Osairis says "No more playing with knives Dad! I eat cho knife!"


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beach Day Saturdays - Review, Refine, Enhance



Today James met up with us at the beach. We went over a little bit of both Level I & II today, but with my spin on it. Basically what I do is I try to combine a couple of things together that can go hand in hand. So just like any other practice we start off with our Salute and then a warm up.

First was combing foot work with defences. I told James how Ed explained to me how we can get really good at foot work, and we can get really good at defenses, but the moment we start to combine things it can get really sloppy. My example of this is when I was working with Bernie, trying to get my footing right during Sumbrada. I showed him which defenses I do with each type of footwork. For example I combine 4 Wall defenses with male, Umbrella defenses with female, and combing both of those concepts to Diamond. I strongly emphasized working of the bad hand so that we get good using both sides. So we would switch weapon hands here and there. We did this for a while and then moved on to the next warm up, strikes and switches.

For this drill I combined hand switching with all of the basic strikes. This gives you the opportunity to work on perfecting your strikes with each hand by switching back and fourth, as well as being able to identify how you can switch off of the different strikes. For example, how to switch during Aboniko, how to switch from Redondo, or even how to switch from Aboniko to Redondo to Labtik to Chamber to Redondo. Still with me? lol. We also went over our basic hand switching too.

After this we went through 1-36 of 64 stick form. From there we went into defending against 1-36. Then we practiced basic disarms. After that we were ready to move on to something else so we decided to work with blades.


First we started out doing Hubad and making sure to get in cuts. I decided to change things up and have the one person use a Pikal grip while the other has a forward grip. This way we can practice getting in cuts in with both grips. The after a few minutes of that I decided hey lets throw in another knife. So now we both were doing Daga y Daga in forward grip. Our rhythm started to break so we decided that one of us would sheath a knife. We took turns with that as well.

To finish off we worked on some knife tapping. We made sure to work on our locks and picks. Picks are one of those things that I need more work on. We did this for a few minutes and took turns being feeder and receiver.

I had a lot of fun training today. Wish the sun came out earlier though. We also had to end things right at noon due to other things we had going on today. Tomorrow is our official club practice so I'm looking forward to training with everyone there. Have a good one. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Funday Friday – Working The Left



Headed out to Crown Point to train this morning. James couldn't make it today so I was going to be riding solo on my training today. Plus I didn't want to not be there in case anyone else showed up. So we got there, unloaded, and I got started.

Warm Ups

For a warm up I did some footwork combined with defences. So I started off with Open Female, and switching back and fourth between Roof and High Wing. I was holding two Bastons so that I wouldn't have to switch hands, which made it faster, and to help ingrain those movements while holding two Bastons, like for Sinawali. Then I did Open Male along with 4 Walls. Then Moved on to Closed Female and Closed Male. Finally I worked on side stepping. That helped warm up my lower body.

To warm up my upper body I did Sinawali. I did different variations including Heaven 6, Standard 6, Earth 6, and Reverse Sinawali. I would even add some Redondos here and there before going back into Sinawali. I stood still, moved around, and crouched. Just trying to have fun with it.

Single Baston

After that I moved onto Single Baston. Starting out with the Formal Salute and then going into 1-36 of 64. I did that a few times to make sure I had the movements down. I've been trying to make it look similar to the FCS Level Two Curriculum video. Next I did my basic strikes making sure to practice with both hands. After I did that I went back into Defences. I also did a little Sumbrada to make sure I still have the footwork down.

From there I went into practicing hand switching. I started off with the Shoulder Switch doing Labtik strikes. Then I went into Chamber Switches. This one was a little harder to do due to my ribs. After that I moved onto Punyo Swtiching.

Next thing I did was practice disarms. I went through both Largo Snake and Vine disarms as well as Corto Snake and Vine disarms. I also had a little trouble with this due to my ribs so I didn't go over it too much. I finished up Single Baston with a little Carenza.


I started out with single blade, going over Level I knife tapping. After doing that for a few minutes I started to do some knife tapping from Level II. Then I went into double blades and basically did Hubad with blades, but making sure to get in cuts and stabs. I did the same with single blade as well. Then I played around with different grips on each hand and simple combinations that I could do with that. Playing around with forward and reverse grip was fun.

Espada y Daga

The next thing I went into was Espada y Daga. What I tried this time though was starting out with only Baston in hand and then trying to unsheathe a blade at a time that had less telegraphing, and then throwing a few strikes, cuts, or stabs after. I even tried doing this while applying the 4 Walls Defenses. Again I practiced both sides.

Empty Hand

After working on Espada y Daga I moved on to empty hands. I started with the Formal Salute and moved on to 1-5 of 12 Mano Mano Template since I'm still learning Level II material. After doing that a few times I went into Hubad. This got boring really fast for me so I added a knife to make it a little more fun. Then again I added another knife.

Finished Up Early

Nobody else showed up today and it was getting close to 11am. I was already getting bored practicing by myself so I decided to call it at that point. We packed up and left the lot by 10:50am. It was still a good practice, but it would be nice to have more people out there. I'm not going to let that stop me though. In the end the only person you can blame for not improving is yourself. Even if you are only taught 10 moves, one can work to perfect and possibly enhance those 10.

Anyway, tomorrow we meet at Windansea Beach in La Jolla. For anyone who is interested in training, come out and look for me. I'll be wearing my FCS Kali Shirt. Maybe I should just get a Flag made. That would be easier to spot than some guy wearing a shirt. I'll look into it. Well that's it. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday – Level II Curriculum Video



Level II Review

Today I'm going to be reviewing my Level Two Curriculum Video. I'm still feeling pain in my ribs so I'm going to try my best to follow along until I can't bear with it.

Oh and for those who are interested, remember we train on Friday mornings between 9:30am-12pm over at Crown Point. Look for the kiddie playground just past the basketball court. We are usually at the table under the huge tree next to the bay and I usually wear one of my FCS Kali shirts to make it easier to spot us. Feel free to bring whoever you like.

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On Saturday we meet at the same time between 9:30am-12pm over at Windansea Beach in La Jolla. It usually goes past a little 12pm because it's also a family fun day so again bring whoever you want. We don't have a set place to meet there so you will have to look for us. Again I usually wear one of my FCS Kali shirts to make it easier to spot us.

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On Sunday our official FCS Kali West Coast San Diego club meets over at Heritage Park in Chula Vista between 8am-11-ish. You can find out more info at:

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Well that's it for today. I hope to see you guys this weekend. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Get Them While You Can!

FCS Kali West Coast San Diego

FCS Kali West Coast San Diego Gear

Some of you have been asking to about our gear so below is our current inventory. They won't last so get them while you can!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Case of the Mondays - Condition, Nutrition, and Rest



Yah, today I got a case of the Mondays. After yesterdays activities, High Heart Rate Training, and then spending time at the beach, I felt really tired today. And as the day went by, more and more parts of my body got sore. I'm even starting to feel a little under the weather, which is normal for me when I train hard. I usually don't get sick. My body is just telling me to rest and get some nutritious food in me.

Condition, Nutrition, and Rest.

Which brings me to today's subject, Condition, Nutrition, and Rest. I believe that all of these things should go hand in hand with your training. Ed said it best, what's the use of all this training if you can't last in a fight? What if your opponent  is in great shape, better shape than you? If your opponent is smart then all they have to do is wait for you to get tired and then go in for the kill. This sort of thing happens in nature, as well as in the ring, and out in the streets.


Conditioning is very important to training. Building strength, stamina, speed, and endurance. All of these things will help you become a better fighter, or martial artists. How many fighter's do you know go into a match without prior conditioning? Your conditioning doesn't even have to be the traditional, lets lift weights, and run some laps type deal. Some do their conditioning by doing stress training. Say a Jiu-Jitsu specialist sparing with a partner for 30 minutes straight. Doing conditioning will also help sharpen the mind because you will be able to react to things faster and be able to go the distance. Fatigue is where all fighters have an issue because that is when your natural survival instincts kick in, training goes out the door, and you are just doing what ever it takes to live.


Nutrition is just as important as Conditioning. Feeding the body with foods that will fuel the body, and give it what it needs for muscle development and retention. If you look at almost any fighter when they are training for a fight, or getting ready for a weigh in, a lot of the foods they eat are clean foods. Some almost go all vegetarian or even vegan while prepping for weigh-in. I myself am vegan and when I start to seriously train I get rapid results. Even with the Daddy weight that I gained I'm still able to last pretty long and I firmly believe that my clean eating has a lot to do with it.

For those who are saying, "Well I just don't have time." You are wrong. I can guarantee that you have time. If you break down every single day of your week you will always find time. The real key is to MAKE TIME. For instance I usually choose one day out of the week to do meal prep. For this week it just happened to be today. This eliminates the opportunity to use the excuse that "I do not have time" because all I have to do is grab and go. Some will even prep for two weeks or more.

Your body deserves it so take the time to give it what it needs. Great physiques are started in the kitchen and finished in the gym........ or field, dojo, etc. What ever it is that you do. Listen to your body and give it what it needs.


Finally rest. Without the proper amount of rest, your body may not recoup in time for your next workout or training. The body will break down. This is something that is normal when trying to develop your body. So you need rest for your body to build back up. Rest is also a part of building a strong immune system (along with good nutrition) and your immune system is also a huge part of your body development. How can you hit the gym or train if you're sick? Now some don't need as much as others so you just need to find the right amount of time that you need. Again, listen to your body and give it what it needs. Today was also a day of rest for me.

Now don't mistaken this for everyone needing a rest day or two. I don't fully believe in this. Its just nice to be able to take a rest day here and there. The trick is to simply get enough rest for the following day. So schedule right and go to sleep early enough to get the rest you need.

Wrapping it up.

Never go in with out a rain coat....... wait I mean always wear a con...... wait..... JK To wrap it up, I feel that I already have the Nutrition part down so I will start doing extra conditioning here and there to add on to my Sunday club training, as well as making sure I get a little bit more rest so that my body can recoup. Well that's it for tonight...... fuck it I'm gonna do some stick work. GO HARD OR GO HOME PEOPLE!!!
ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

*** Side note: I really want to make this clear. Everything that I have said in this post is from my own experience, research, and from my own opinion. I am not a nutritionist, personal trainer, dietitian, or doctor. Always do your own research and see your doctor before trying anything new in your regiment. Happy training people!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ice Cream Sunday - High Heart Rate Training


The Agenda for today is: High Heart Rate Training.

Manong Rich was coming down today and its always a surprise as to what he is going to be teaching. Today's agenda was High Heart Rate Training. This was very different from what our usual practices are like. The goal is to get your heart rate up and then train or else train in a way that will get your heart rate up. The feeling was much like being in the ring with somebody, but without taking the hard of blows.

Start off with some basics.

Before he got there we started out with some stick work. We started out with 1-12 stick form, moved on to basic defenses, then defenses against the 1-12 stick form strikes, and finally defenses against the 1-12 stick form strikes, but with counters. After that we did some Sinawali starting out with Heaven 6, Standard 6, Earth 6, and then tying them all together. This got us a little warmed up. And then Manong Rich came and told us what we'd be doing. lol.

Everybody drop and give me 15!

I liked it a lot actually. He would have us do come cardio and or callisthenics, then have us break into partners to do a drill. In the middle of the drill he might say "Ok now give me 15 push ups."  or "Run up the hills and back." and then we would come back and continue the drill or else break into a new drill. Other times the drills he had us do were cardio packed which got our heart rates up on its own. We were dying out there. lol.

I liked the concept of it though. It really changes how the mind and body reacts and responds in that situation. When you are out of breath, but the other person isn't or what if both of you are tired, who will have the heart to keep going and finish in the end? Will you be able to apply your techniques that you learned when you are fatigued or will you get sloppy and start throwing wild attacks?

Take that, take that, take that. Wait let me catch my breath.

I really liked how some of the drills were designed to get your adrenaline going as well. Like say sprinting down the hill, then when you both meet at the bottom, someone pulls out a blade and then attempts to do the prison shank. Then doing the same thing sprinting back up the hill, but switching rolls so the receiver turns into the feeder attempting the prison shank. This way both partners get a chance to feed and receive. The receiver can be winded already and then they have to defend against a constant attack, but still be able to apply the given technique shown to us to help give us an advantage, or to neutralize the situation. And vise versa the feeder can get winded in this drill and still have to attempt to pull off the prison shank.

We went over a lot of stuff today all while keeping high heart rate. It was intense. but a lot of fun. We had a good amount of people who showed up too, some of which I just met today. I hope they keep coming back. It's nice to have people from other systems come train with us. I like seeing the differences and how they make their game effective. Makes me want to learn more. And as a bonus, at the end, a few of us were surprised and awarded a Certificate of Rank. Level One today, tomorrow take over the world. lol. jk.


That's a wrap.

So that was it for today. Now I need to take a load off and cool down with some ice cream. Vegan ice cream though. SAVE THE COWS! lol. Anyway, ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

Beach Day Saturdays - Family Fun Day

To the beach!

Today we hit the beach, specifically Windansea Beach in La Jolla, to train, but also to spend time with family. The beach had a wash up of seaweed so we walked down Neptune until we found a spot that looked good. Less seaweed, open area to train, and easy to see for those who might be coming to join us and the fams. We made our way down so we can set up. My sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and my daughter showed up shortly.


Training with the Wifey.

After I got everything set up I started warming up. Since the Wifey is working on her Level I, we only went over Level I material. Today it was primarily stick work. We went over 1-12 stick form, basic strikes, ranges, switches, and defenses. She kept on messing up on her footing because her feet kept on digging in deeper into the sand  during the drills. Plus its harder to move around in soft sand.

Training at the beach is spiritual for me.

We finished up with defenses so from there I practiced on my own. I did some Sinawali, single stick Carenza, I went over all of Level I and some Level II material, and also did some Espada y Daga. I have to say that practicing at the beach is awesome. Sunshine, cool breeze, the waves crashing, it was pretty spiritual for me. I wouldn't mind doing all of our practices at the beach.


Daddy Let's Play!

After we just had fun. Playing in the sand, getting our feet wet, and eating some grub. Too bad no one else came out. It would have been nice to have more folks out with us. All good though maybe next time. Tomorrow is our group practice and Manong Rich is coming down. If you're free and want to come check us out, you can find more info herehttp://fcskaliwestcoast.blogspot.coml

Well better hit the sack so I can get some rest for tomorrow. It was a fun day. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Funday Friday - No Excuses


No Excuses

I forgot the wifey had to work today, but I didn't let that stop me. I got up early, started to get Osairis and myself ready, and out the door to get to practice on time. We even got there a few minutes early. It was a lot to load and unload, but I got it done. Went to our usual practicing area, gave Osairis his breakfast, and got started with warming up.
James got there and soon after Osairis wanted to go play. So like what I usually do when its just Osairis and me, I tried to let him tire himself out. Mean while, James started to warm up and started going over a few things. After a while he finally wanted a break so we made our way back to our practice spot and I gave him some snacks so he would be occupied while James and I got started.

Level II

We went over some Level II material today since it was just us again. Primarily stick transitions, and knife tapping. We also did Sumbrada and Sumbrada disarms. To start off we did the stick transitions. We went over them slowly. I think I got them. It's a matter of repetition now so it can really sink in.

Next we went over Sumbrada. I've been practicing the footwork for this drill so now its starting to fee more natural. I still need a little more work on it though.
Then we went over Sumbrada disarms. This was fun. Trying to find out where we can use snake and vine disarms. I remember doing this once at one of our Sunday practices. A couple of the disarms felt a little awkward simply because of how the arms were positioned, but they were doable.

In the middle of us training Osairis wanted to get out of his stroller again to play so we took a little break. I let him run around to try to chase the ducks. This ultimately got him tired so this time he wanted to take his nap. Sweet! Now we can practice without any interruptions.

Finally, we ended with knife tapping. We went over plucks, locks, and wrist pulls. For fun James decided to throw in the prison shank. That automatically broke the drill so we went into breaking that down again and other possible ways to counter. So we would start with knife tapping and at any moment the feeder would attempt the prison shank, grabbing the shirt and doing continuous stabs like a sewing machine.

Oh did I mention that we warmed up with some Sinawali? We didn't really get into karambits since we were ending our practice. So we just took a few pics for fun. lol. Maybe we'll go over it next Friday or possibly tomorrow. On another note, taking Osairis with me to train was hard. I couldn't just focus on my training because I also had to make sure he had his fun in the sun, too. Having to take breaks here and there for him and then trying to train in between is what I had to do. But in the end I got it done. No excuses.

Well that's it for today. It was fun day today. Lots of sunshine, cool breeze, playing with Osairis in the play ground and chasing ducks, and training with James. We also saw a ground hog in the park. At least think it was a ground hog. It was peeping in and out of a hole it dug so I must assume that it if walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it must be a ground hog.......... jk ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sunday Training, March 16, 2014

Weekly Sunday Group Practice
This Sunday, Manong Rich will be coming down to train.  For those interested a $20.00 donation is recommended to cover Manong Rich's time and travel from Los Angeles.

FCS Kali San Diego Group Practice will be held at Heritage Park at the Outdoor Stage area.   Newcomers interested in checking out our training are welcomed, all we ask is that you come with an open mind and interest.

Let's preserve our culture through learning Filipino Martial Arts.

When:     8:00am - 11:00am

Where:   Heritage Park
             1381 East Palomar Street
           Chula Vista, CA 91913

Ed, Erwin and Bernie

Monday, March 10, 2014

Case of the Mondays


Not me. Not today.

I felt pretty motivated today. After Osairis ate we got ready and headed out. As usual I let himself tire out first. Then I strapped him in his stroller, gave him his snacks, and got started.

The field was occupied today with a lacrosse team that was practicing so I had to find another place that I could practice without worrying too much about others. The basketball court was empty so we headed for center court and that ended up being my training circle. As long as you stay out of the circle you don't have to worry about getting whacked by my stick. lol.


Today I went through all of Level I Curriculum and started to dive more into Level II Curriculum. I also did a little Carenza and Espada y Daga. Finished off with empty hands, and then Osairis started to get whiny. That's my cue to get going.

Another good practice. Be nice if I could have practiced a little more, but at least I got it in for today. Aight ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

Beach Day Saturday – Announcement

Training at the Beach

Ok so I brought this up with the group and for those who can make it, we're going to start training on Saturdays at the beach. It is not an official FCS Kali West Coast San Diego Club practice. Those are held on Sundays at 8:00am at Heritage Park, 1381 E Palomar St, Chula Vista, CA 91913. Still this group will meet unless posted otherwise. This will be a refresher day to get us better prepared for our regular Sunday training group. I also hope that by doing so it will bring more exposure to our club and attract more to come check us out on Sundays.

It will also be a time to go over and try new techniques much like what we do on Fridays at Crown Point. So if someone has a background in another system, saw something that they want to try, or maybe they need a break down of a technique that they either do not understand or are unsure of its effectiveness, it will be a chance to show and tell and for us to break down and see why a particular technique is effective and if not, how we can make it effective.

Fun in the Sun

And since we will be out at the beach by all means feel free to bring what ever and who ever you want to enjoy the fun in the sun. So bring the family, bring your friends, co-workers, etc. Bring your beach towels, beach blankets, beach umbrellas, sun screen, and bathing suits. Who knows, maybe we'll do some training in the water as well. If more people come, maybe we can start making it a pot-luck so we can have food and drinks for everyone.

Windansea Beach

We will meet at Windansea Beach 6800 Neptune Pl, La Jolla, CA 92037 at 9:30am. For those who haven't been there, you'll know you're at the right place if you see the hut pictured above (you might not be able to see the hut while driving by). There is a small parking lot and lots of street parking throughout the neighborhood. This will be open to the public. There are no fees to participate. Please do not bring any illegal weapons. And if you do come out, please come with an open mind with a willingness to learn and share. Below is a map if you need help getting there.

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Ok hope to see you out there! ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday – New Horizon

(One last practice at Dusty Rhodes Park)

Got up this morning and got confused of the time. My phone said one thing, but the microwave said another. The microwave was an hour behind. I checked my computer and it was the same as my phone. I restarted my phone to make sure which time was correct and sure enough it was. It was the microwave that was behind. Good thing my phone flashed forward to Daylight Savings Time or else I would have woken up an hour late. So I got ready and headed out to our Sunday training.

New Horizon

It was a smaller group today. Too bad because the others missed out. Ed tells us “Since it’s Daylight Savings Time, it means we have more sunlight, which means we have more energy, which means we have more time to burn. So we’re going to start what I call New Horizon.” This “New Horizon” meant more cardio to help physically condition us, but also that he was going to start teaching us Taekwondo, Hapkido, Gracie Jiu-jitsu, BoxingSilat, and maybe some Kendo, along with other Filipino and Korean Weapons; and that we’re going to start doing full contact sparing. This is on top of our FCS Kali training.


So we were pretty excited, at least I know I was, and we got started. We did a series of cardio work to get us warmed up and some stretches to get us loose. Then Ed showed us some Taekwondo foot work, which also helps set us up for some kicks. Let me say that the techniques that Ed showed us today were very different from what I learned and saw in the past when I took Taekwondo as young boy. It was quicker, faster, lighter, and less telegraphed. It really opened my eyes about what Taekwondo is really about and he only showed us a few techniques.
Back when my Mom and Dad enrolled my brother and I in an American Taekwondo school, I lost interest in it so early in because I didn’t see how effective this could have been for me if I got into a real fight. And mind you that I was a very young boy when I had these thoughts. Now that’s not to bad mouth all American Teakwondo. I just didn’t like how it was being taught at that school as self defense. For me it wouldn’t work. For tournament, maybe. The way Ed showed us how our stances and change ups should be and how our punches and kicks should be thrown were way more effective than what I learned in the past, at least in my opinion. Again that’s just my opinion.


Next, we did some Boxing. Boxing is always fun for me because of its relation to blades and that it’s useful. How many street fights have you seen or been in that didn’t incorporate some kind of boxing technique? We just went over 4 punches today with a little foot work. To be clear we were being taught Panantukan, not ring style boxing.


Then we got into Hapkido. Now I know nothing about Hapkido other than the painful wrist locks that I have been put in by Ed so I was really curious about it. Again he showed us some basic footing and then a couple of techniques. I like how he also incorporated some FCS stuff with it. I feel like both the Taekwondo and Hapkido stuff he showed us became more effective when we mixed in FCS.


After that we got into jiu-jitsu. I really like jiu-jitsu. I find it to be very effective in one-on-one situations and its a lot of fun. Though I’m not sure if I would try using it on the street. Too many variables to worry about in a street setting like what if the assailant has friends around and or a weapon. As much as possible I would want to make sure that we were alone before allowing it to stay on the ground. Obviously you can’t always control that, but anyway, we just went over the rear naked choke and Americana. Very similar to what I learned in the past, but with minor differences. For one, there was no emphasis on applying pressure with the hand behind the head. It was just relaxed behind head. I also demonstrated the variation I learned which did apply the pressure. With the Americana, there wasn’t much emphasis on the lift of the elbow. I also demonstrated that on my partner that you could lift opponents elbow.


Then we got into tabak-toyok or as some know it as, nunchaku, or nunchucks. I tried to play around with tabak-toyok in the past, but I sucked at it. Ed showed us some basics of how to handle them. Strikes and switches. It was a lot of fun, but hard at the same time. We all kept on dropping them, hitting ourselves, and getting all confused as Ed demonstrated made it look so easy and smooth. I felt like Bruce Lee for a second…… Just a second though and then I either hit myself or dropped them. lol. But I do feel like I can handle them better now that I have a better understanding of it. But I still suck at them. Haha.

Back to FCS Kali

Finally we got into our FCS training. We did some Sinawali, Punyo entries, and transitions. Level II stuff. Things that I need to learn. I wish I had more time to do more training with the guys but I had to get to a birthday party. So to make up for it I got in one more practice while at the birthday party. It was at a park anyway so I had a lot of space and it was such a nice day out.

So today was more of an introduction of things to come. I like learning other styles. There are definitely some other styles that I want to learn though like Systema and Krav Maga, but FMA is my main focus. Anyway, it was a lot of fun today and I’m looking forward to learning more. Till next time ItsYoBoyFlex and I’m out.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Fun Day Friday – Practical Training

(James and I practicing knife template)

Today James and I went over some Level I and Level II stuff, but with a strong emphasis on practical training. So we first warmed up with some Sinawali. Starting with Heaven 6, then Heaven and Earth (Standard) 6, and finally Earth 6. I hope I have those terms right. lol. We did each a few times and slowly speeding up as we went. We tried to make sure that our stick and hand positions were right while still keeping up with the beats, and without tying ourselves up.

From there we went into 1-36 of 64 Stick Form. Did that a couple times and after went into our defenses. First we did just the defenses alone to make sure we had the motions down and then went into practical defenses. So one would feed from any of the 8 basic strikes for the drill, while the receiver would defend, or at least try to defend, with the proper technique. We kept on getting hit on certain strikes so we stopped to examine what happened.

For instance I kept on reading his knee strike wrong. At times it looked like it was going to be a high strike, like a say angle number 1. So during the swing I would try to check his strike for angle number one and halfway through his swing it would change and swing down to angle number five. Or he would swing and it would look like he’s going for angle number three and again, half way through his swing it would change up and swing down to angle number five. “Maybe I’m feeding wrong.”, he said. For this drill being at the beginning stages, maybe, but then again in a real fight these kinds of swings will happen. So how can we better read these types of swings?

In martial arts or for almost all sports for that matter, you are taught that certain body parts will tell you where something is going. For instance the waist will tell you which direction his/her body is going; their shoulder will tell you which arm is going to be in motion. The problem we saw with this was that when a longer weapon was in play, like a stick, it didn’t tell us where the swing was necessarily coming from or going, especially if the weapon were chambered, be it behind the back or under the arm.

So what could we use as a better reference point? Well when dealing with knives we track the hands. Where ever the hand is going the knife is going. So we tried tracking the hand. Nope. I still got hit. Don’t get me wrong , I was able to track the swing better by seeing the hand placement. It told me a lot. I was defending way better by tracking the hand, but the problem was with the mid way switch. The hand didn’t always tell me he was about to switch it up. I just happened too fast. So if the shoulders don’t tell us enough, and the hands don’t tell us enough, what could we use as a reference point then?

So we went at it a few more times and this time I was able to defend against his knee strike and it hit me. I tracked the tip of his weapon. It told me everything about the swing and since the tip is what has the most travel, it showed me the most. I didn’t have worry too much about the hand position at that point. Combining the tracking of both the hand placement and tip travel was the best bet though. Add the tracking of the shoulder to tell us which arm will be at play and the tracking of the waist to tell us where he/she was going to be coming from or going too, and you have something pretty solid. So now the question is, does all of that take too much away from the live hand?

So we added a knife in the mix. At any point James would deploy his knife and go in for the kill and I would have to see if I could defend properly. We got started and he attempted two to three strikes. Then he went for angle number 2, deployed his knife, and went in for a stab. Now keep in mind that while going  for angle number 2, I could not see his live hand so I couldn’t see that he was deploying. Nevertheless I was able to defend against his knife as well, but the knife attack came from up high so I was already in position to defend for it.

So what if the knife attack came from low? We did the drill the same way starting with a few strikes and then attempting to deploy the knife. Again I was still able to defend and better yet create space. We went back and forth a few times so that we could both have a chance to try it out. Not perfect, but better than where we started.

Another thing that I ran into during this drill was what to do if I’m already in motion and he goes in for the sak sak? For instance, I’m moving around and go toward him in a left angle. This actually assisted his sak sak because I was going right into it. I couldn’t shield properly, it was too late, and I couldn’t change my footing mid way through my step. So I thought maybe I would Aboniko it down and away from me. It kind of worked. James said try adding in the push that we use in Level I knife tapping along with the Aboniko. So I tried that and it was better.

We still need a lot of work on this, but we’re getting better. We just have to keep practicing it so that we start to develop proper responses. Then we can start to incorporate counters and follow ups so that we can reverse the rolls from receiver to feeder. But baby steps first.

(James showing me a new knife template)

After that we went into knife tapping and knife transitions, when to change from standard to Pikal, and templates. This portion went smoother, at least for me it did. But I have to admit that I suck at swtiching from standard to pikal and back. My swtich is slow, at least for me it is, but I guess it will improve over time.

Finally we went over hubad, but with more emphasis on our left since we train so much with our right. We were both getting all tied up. So we would slow it down and try to point out where we were making mistakes.  I need more practicing with my left anyway.

Anyway it was a fun practice. ItsYoBoyFlex and I’m out. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Throw Back Thursday


Level I Review.


For Throw Back Thursday I thought I would review only Level I Curriculum. At first I just went over what all I remembered. Then when I was done I reviewed the manual to make sure I still had everything down and I did. The only thing was that I  combined the defenses while I was going over foot work. I felt that it was more practical at this point since I already have the movements alone down.

I can see clearly now.


I’m starting to see how reviewing the basics so much is really helping me move forward. Its making  everything else flow better because the movements are starting to become natural. Hopefully it will also help with breaking some bad habits. I want to keep perfecting those basics from Level I and then start applying them to practical training especially with my left. I want to be as proficient on my left as I am on my right. It’s only then that I will really be able to excel.

Let’s hit the beach!


Well tomorrow is Fun Day Friday so I better get to bed early tonight. I’m hoping that more people will start joining James and I on Fridays soon. If you’re are interested and have time, we meet over at Crown Point on the side where the playground is, just past the basketball court at 9:30am-12pm-ish. I’m even thinking about starting a Saturday morning practice as well for those who can’t make in on Friday, but instead I’m thinking about holding it at the beach so it can also be a family fun day in the sun. Maybe Windansea Beach or possibly Tourmaline (Old Man’s) Surf Park. Takers?

Get at me, who ever is interested. Well that’s it for today. ItsYoBoyFlex and I’m out.

Hump Day Wednesday

Didn’t get to practice like I wanted to today. My son was just asking for a lot of attention today. I tried practicing with knives, but he grabbed them and wanted to play. I tried taking out sticks and he took one away and played with it, then grabbed on to my leg and wouldn’t let go. I really wasn’t feeling it today anyway so today ended up being more of a video day.

I watched my Level II Curriculum video and tried to practice some of it when I had a chance like while Osairis was eating his lunch. Didn’t really feel like doing sticks so today was mostly air knife tapping. Maybe I’ll get in more time tomorrow with less interruptions.

I ended my night by re-watching “The Bladed Hand.”, now one of my favorite documentaries. Too bad Tuhon’s interview got messed up. It would have been nice to see him more on this film. Anyway, if you haven’t seen this film it definitely is a must watch in my opinion. I would also recommend “Eskrimadors“,; The Way of the Warrior: Eskrima, the Filipino Way“,; and “Kali Means to Scrape.

Well that’s it for tonight so till next time, ItsYoBoyFlex and I’m out.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Play Day Tuesday


At the Playground

Finally, I got to get in some practice out doors while out with my son Osairis. I let him run around first just enough to where he wanted to chill, but not leave. So I strapped him in his stroller, gave him some veggie sticks to snack on, and went into the middle of the field so I can have some room to practice without worrying about hitting one of the kids who were at their soccer practice.

Warm it up

I warmed up with some stick swinging, a little Sinawali, and Doble Redondo, then went into 1-36 of 64 Stick Form. After that I practiced Sumbrada again making sure I have the footwork down from last night. I did that for a few minutes. It even attracted two little girls who came over and asked what I was doing. It’s always interesting trying to explain to kids something that they’ve never seen.

What are you doing?

“Kali.” I said. “What’s that? the girls asked. So I said “It’s Filipino Martial Arts.” “Oh cool. You must practice a lot.” one of the girls said. They asked if my sticks were bamboo, in which I explained, “No its rattan. It looks like bamboo, but its a different type of wood.” I showed them my sticks and they asked if they could play with one. I let them play with it and they were trying to copy my movements. I was also wearing my FCS Kali shirt. FCS represent! lol. So anyway, they went off to play and I continued.

Back to practice

After doing Sumbrada I practiced some foot work. Starting off with female, male, closed female, closed male, diamond, and then side stepping all while holding a stick and doing defenses and offenses. I finished sticks with a little Carenza and moved onto blades. I took out two of my Cold Steel rubber trainers and got started with some air knife tapping. A couple of folks even walked by to see what I was doing, which is when I changed it up to some air hubad with knives, practicing when to get in my cuts. FCS represent! Haha.

FCS Kali West Coast San Diego Represent

Finally, I finished off with 1-5 of 12 Mano Mano Template since I’m still learning Level II stuff. After doing that a few times Osairis finally started to get whiny so we packed up and headed home. It was a good practice. Nice to get outside and see that people are interested in Kali. I think I’ll start wearing my FCS gear every time I go outside to practice now. Who knows it might interest someone in checking out our club and coming to train with us on Sundays.

Aight folks tomorrow is Hump Day! Get out and practice! ItsYoBoyFlex and I’m out.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Step by Step


Yesterday during practice we were going over sumbrada and I kept on messing up on my footing which was getting me a little tied up. Actually my footing as all over the place yesterday. Since my footing was wrong my angles were off and I kept on getting hit with the sak-sak. At times I couldn’t keep up with the beat because my footing just kept throwing me off. I was over anticipating the movements on the first strike, getting ahead of myself, and not closing the triangle well because I would short step on my right (that’s how I was getting hit with the sak-sak). So today I took some time to work on my footwork for that drill.

For the first 5-10 minutes I was going really slow. First going over the stick movements and then slowly adding in the footwork. I had to remember that my right side-step had to match how wide my left angle-step was during the high-wing block so that my triangle would close properly, and set me up to shield for the sak-sak better. I just kept on doing it over and over until I got it right. Then it was a matter of being able to consistently repeat the motions.

Then I also remembered that I was standing too square on Sunday so I made sure to correct that as well. It was a little awkward at first because from what I remembered when I first learned the drill, both the feeder and receiver are standing square, in a neutral position, but I guess that is to just get the movements down for the drill. We didn’t begin standing in a fighting stance and that threw me off. It was a quick fix though.

The other issue I had was that I naturally wanted to step in for the sak-sak, but that can throw off the drill if the receiver doesn’t respond properly to it. It would force the drill to be in motion right off the bat, which is ok, but I still need to get down the foundation of it first. It took me a few minutes to correct, but I think I got it now. So now it would be a matter of actually doing the drill with a partner. BABE WAKE UP! lol. Oh well maybe tomorrow. Haha.

I’ll probably do this some more tomorrow along with some other drills. I also need to work on weeding out another bad habit which is completely stopping when I make a mistake. This could be costly in a real life situation. Anyway, that’s all for tonight. ItsYoBoyFlex and I’m out.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Rain We Gon’ Train

Rain or Shine

It was raining again today, but that doesn’t stop us from training. It could be snowing and we’d probably still be out there. I think its good to train in different conditions and environments. Rain, snow, sunny, windy, dusty; level or uneven ground; icy, wet, muddy, dry; the way you approach things may have to change depending on all of these variables. It may be as simple as footing so that you don’t slip. We’re kind of lucky that the place we train has steps, ramps, grass, sand, concrete, hills, and trees. We can easily change our environment by simply walking over to another area.

With the combination of the rain and somewhat cold weather, by San Diego standards, we did some practical training applied to basics. This was really good especially for me to see how well I responded to certain things like say a vertical strike to the head. When we first started, though I saw what was coming, I knew what to do, I started to come up for a roof block, but my body stood still like a deer and headlights. End result is I still got cut (theoretically speaking) on the follow through because I didn’t apply my footwork. Same thing happened when Ed came in for the sak-sak.

The Hangover

Now keep in mind I was still coming down from a hangover from last nights festivities. I was slower, my judgement was slow, my reaction time was slower, but who knows, maybe something like this might happen in real life. I can’t tell the assailant, “wait slow down I still have a hang over.” lol. You just have to defend yourself. So today was a bit frustrating for me. I kept on making a lot of mistakes, but its good for me to see how I am in this state. The guys were really patient and good with pointing out where I needed work and helped walked me through some things I can do to help break some habits. Habits that I might be doing even on a good day.

Shank shank shank!

Oh before I forget, James and I got some really good input from both Bernie and Ed about the prison shank situation, being at 50/50, and things we can do to get out of 50/50 stalemate. I asked, how can we get the advantage from this stalemate? Their answer? First off, don’t get yourself in that situation! Hahaha. If you can run away, create space, and or grab an equalizer would be better. So awareness is key, especially while in the 50/50 if avoidance is not possible.

Second don’t look for an “One for All” solution to get the advantage. The situation is never going to be the same and it can constantly change during, so sticking to only one solution can also get you killed. And they demonstrated that theory to us on how people can use different techniques on how to get out of a simple headlock. There are many ways to get out, but some of those techniques can also make it worse for you.

Third, always be aware of where the weapon is. If you happen to grab the weapon arm to get control, be aware because he/she can easily transfer the weapon to the other hand. Also, even if the weapon is not being transferred, depending on the positioning on how your control hold is, can open up an opportunity for the assailant to cut and stab you, and they demonstrated that as well.

Finally, they showed us a few things that you can do to work yourself into a better situation. Things like throwing knee strikes to the body; or punches and or elbows to the brachial to soften the guy/girl up while still holding on to the weapon arm; putting the arm in an arm lock, possibly doing a little dumog to take them down so you can run, or even turning the weapon back onto the assailant, but still being aware of where the weapon is at all times. Obviously they could have shown us more, but now we some more things we can try on Friday to see what would and maybe not be effective depending on how things go.

Back to Training

We worked on some evading drills, sumbrada, and worked on a knife template.  Now after still coming down from a hangover and trying to hydrate myself, my left leg started to cramp up after doing the evading drill. lol. Lesson learned though. Try not to drink too much or avoid drinking all together the night before training. Training on a hangover is no bueno, but I still did it! Go hard or go home bitches! lol.

So yah, and then after we grabbed a bite to eat. Good day today. Oh and as of today James and I are officially contributors to the FCS Kali West Coast Facebook Fan Page, and FCS Kali West Coast Blogspot Page.  So check out those pages as well if you haven’t already. A lot of cool stuff and information on it for anyone who is interested in training with us. Aight folks till next time! ItsYoBoyFlex and I’m out.

New Contributors

I am happy to announce that FCS Kali West Coast has added 2 new contributors to this Blog.  As we move forward to grow our FCS Kali Club in San Diego, they will be helping me keep the blog alive and interesting by sharing their insights, experiences, and journey.  

Please Welcome Felix and James and stay tuned, and look for their posts.

Maraming Salamat Po!