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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ice Cream Sunday - High Heart Rate Training


The Agenda for today is: High Heart Rate Training.

Manong Rich was coming down today and its always a surprise as to what he is going to be teaching. Today's agenda was High Heart Rate Training. This was very different from what our usual practices are like. The goal is to get your heart rate up and then train or else train in a way that will get your heart rate up. The feeling was much like being in the ring with somebody, but without taking the hard of blows.

Start off with some basics.

Before he got there we started out with some stick work. We started out with 1-12 stick form, moved on to basic defenses, then defenses against the 1-12 stick form strikes, and finally defenses against the 1-12 stick form strikes, but with counters. After that we did some Sinawali starting out with Heaven 6, Standard 6, Earth 6, and then tying them all together. This got us a little warmed up. And then Manong Rich came and told us what we'd be doing. lol.

Everybody drop and give me 15!

I liked it a lot actually. He would have us do come cardio and or callisthenics, then have us break into partners to do a drill. In the middle of the drill he might say "Ok now give me 15 push ups."  or "Run up the hills and back." and then we would come back and continue the drill or else break into a new drill. Other times the drills he had us do were cardio packed which got our heart rates up on its own. We were dying out there. lol.

I liked the concept of it though. It really changes how the mind and body reacts and responds in that situation. When you are out of breath, but the other person isn't or what if both of you are tired, who will have the heart to keep going and finish in the end? Will you be able to apply your techniques that you learned when you are fatigued or will you get sloppy and start throwing wild attacks?

Take that, take that, take that. Wait let me catch my breath.

I really liked how some of the drills were designed to get your adrenaline going as well. Like say sprinting down the hill, then when you both meet at the bottom, someone pulls out a blade and then attempts to do the prison shank. Then doing the same thing sprinting back up the hill, but switching rolls so the receiver turns into the feeder attempting the prison shank. This way both partners get a chance to feed and receive. The receiver can be winded already and then they have to defend against a constant attack, but still be able to apply the given technique shown to us to help give us an advantage, or to neutralize the situation. And vise versa the feeder can get winded in this drill and still have to attempt to pull off the prison shank.

We went over a lot of stuff today all while keeping high heart rate. It was intense. but a lot of fun. We had a good amount of people who showed up too, some of which I just met today. I hope they keep coming back. It's nice to have people from other systems come train with us. I like seeing the differences and how they make their game effective. Makes me want to learn more. And as a bonus, at the end, a few of us were surprised and awarded a Certificate of Rank. Level One today, tomorrow take over the world. lol. jk.


That's a wrap.

So that was it for today. Now I need to take a load off and cool down with some ice cream. Vegan ice cream though. SAVE THE COWS! lol. Anyway, ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

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