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Friday, March 21, 2014

Funday Friday – Working The Left



Headed out to Crown Point to train this morning. James couldn't make it today so I was going to be riding solo on my training today. Plus I didn't want to not be there in case anyone else showed up. So we got there, unloaded, and I got started.

Warm Ups

For a warm up I did some footwork combined with defences. So I started off with Open Female, and switching back and fourth between Roof and High Wing. I was holding two Bastons so that I wouldn't have to switch hands, which made it faster, and to help ingrain those movements while holding two Bastons, like for Sinawali. Then I did Open Male along with 4 Walls. Then Moved on to Closed Female and Closed Male. Finally I worked on side stepping. That helped warm up my lower body.

To warm up my upper body I did Sinawali. I did different variations including Heaven 6, Standard 6, Earth 6, and Reverse Sinawali. I would even add some Redondos here and there before going back into Sinawali. I stood still, moved around, and crouched. Just trying to have fun with it.

Single Baston

After that I moved onto Single Baston. Starting out with the Formal Salute and then going into 1-36 of 64. I did that a few times to make sure I had the movements down. I've been trying to make it look similar to the FCS Level Two Curriculum video. Next I did my basic strikes making sure to practice with both hands. After I did that I went back into Defences. I also did a little Sumbrada to make sure I still have the footwork down.

From there I went into practicing hand switching. I started off with the Shoulder Switch doing Labtik strikes. Then I went into Chamber Switches. This one was a little harder to do due to my ribs. After that I moved onto Punyo Swtiching.

Next thing I did was practice disarms. I went through both Largo Snake and Vine disarms as well as Corto Snake and Vine disarms. I also had a little trouble with this due to my ribs so I didn't go over it too much. I finished up Single Baston with a little Carenza.


I started out with single blade, going over Level I knife tapping. After doing that for a few minutes I started to do some knife tapping from Level II. Then I went into double blades and basically did Hubad with blades, but making sure to get in cuts and stabs. I did the same with single blade as well. Then I played around with different grips on each hand and simple combinations that I could do with that. Playing around with forward and reverse grip was fun.

Espada y Daga

The next thing I went into was Espada y Daga. What I tried this time though was starting out with only Baston in hand and then trying to unsheathe a blade at a time that had less telegraphing, and then throwing a few strikes, cuts, or stabs after. I even tried doing this while applying the 4 Walls Defenses. Again I practiced both sides.

Empty Hand

After working on Espada y Daga I moved on to empty hands. I started with the Formal Salute and moved on to 1-5 of 12 Mano Mano Template since I'm still learning Level II material. After doing that a few times I went into Hubad. This got boring really fast for me so I added a knife to make it a little more fun. Then again I added another knife.

Finished Up Early

Nobody else showed up today and it was getting close to 11am. I was already getting bored practicing by myself so I decided to call it at that point. We packed up and left the lot by 10:50am. It was still a good practice, but it would be nice to have more people out there. I'm not going to let that stop me though. In the end the only person you can blame for not improving is yourself. Even if you are only taught 10 moves, one can work to perfect and possibly enhance those 10.

Anyway, tomorrow we meet at Windansea Beach in La Jolla. For anyone who is interested in training, come out and look for me. I'll be wearing my FCS Kali Shirt. Maybe I should just get a Flag made. That would be easier to spot than some guy wearing a shirt. I'll look into it. Well that's it. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.


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