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Monday, April 7, 2014

Sundays at the Park - Follow The Beat


Sorry for the late post. Got busy after practice and got too tired to finish writing this last night. Yesterday we focused a lot on Sinawali and how it translates from bastons to empty hand. Ed brought his music box so we could listen to some Carenza music while we trained. Training with the music was fun. I broke into a pretty good sweat during our warm up.

We first started with some baston warm up drills which helps loosen up the the body and joints. From there we started to do some Sinawali. We started with Heaven 6, Standard 6, and then Earth 6. After doing each for a while Ed had us mix everything up with no set pattern, all while following to the beat of the music. This could get really tiring really fast because the music would speed up here and there.

Then we went into doing different variations of 4 Count holding two bastons. We first started out doing the 4 Count on each side, then did the 4 Count with two beats per side, and finally did the 4 Count with 1 beat per side. The Sinawali helped with the last variation because we had to interchange sides per strike. A little confusing at first, but if you just follow the beat it became simple. Doing 4 Count can feel a little awkward without a partner because you feel like you are having to stop the strike. And following through with the strike can make you feel like you are just fanning so you really have to keep in mind what you are targeting when you are doing this by yourself.

Then after that we did some concentration mitt drills using the principals of Sinawali for empty hand and with Punyo Mano Entry. Ed demonstrated the motions and Bernie explained how the Punyo Mano Entry relates from baston versus empty hand and how it flows into the Sinawali pattern. This was fun because we actually got to hit something and I haven't gotten to use my concentration mitts in a while. We did a couple of variations of this and then we went into Punyo Entries and transitions with bastons.

We did a few variations of this. We first started out with the first Punyo Entry which is on the right. The we did a Punyo Entry which started out on the right which would transition to your left after a chamber. From there we would go into a Punyo Entry with the left. I still a lot more work on these just because it really hard to practice them without a partner in my opinion. After doing this for a while Bernie had us work on some Hubad.

We went over several variations of Hubad and worked on both sides. Since some of us haven't worked on the left side much with hubad we would get mixed up on a few of the drills including me. For the most part though I was ok since I have been practicing more on my left side, but a few just got really confusing at first. One thing he added this time though was to try to make contact so your partner would really have to work to keep that from happening. After doing this for a while Bernie had us go into Mano Mano Template.

Bernie walked us through it for those who didn't know it or needed a refresher. After we did this for a while we went into Knife Template. Again Bernie walked us through it. I like doing these drills. The actions and reactions from each side feel more realistic especially with the contact you have to make. After doing these drills for a while Bernie had us do knife tapping.

Then finally he had us put everything together and had us go from Hubad, to Mano Mano Template, to Knife Tapping, to Knife Template, to Disarm. I liked this drill alot because it showed how everything ties together and how you can flow from one drill to the next and even change rolls at any given moment, as well as going in and out of any given drill. After all of these drills and working with a few different partners I'm also starting to pick up on how a few of our members like to fight. Makes me wonder if they are doing the same with me.

Ed finished up with showing us a little bit of Tabak Toyok. I feel like I really suck at this. Probably doesn't help that I don't have any to practice with though. lol. So I guess that will be on the purchase list.

Damn it I forgot to take pictures again. All good. We had a really good practice yesterday. Ed brought his music box so we were able to practice to some Carenza Music, the weather was awesome, and our group is starting to get bigger. We covered a good amount of material as well so I have more to think about and work on through out the week. Well until next time folks. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

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