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Friday, April 4, 2014

Funday Friday - Multitasking


Belmont Park

We had to move locations today because there was a rowing event going on over at Crown Point. No biggie. We relocated to Belmont Park, across from the Bahia, where the play ground is so that way Osairis could have his fun too. We unloaded picked a spot and got started.

Warm Up

Today's theme seemed to focus on multitasking. Specifically, foot work with defenses and counters. Before we get into that though we started off with a warm up. We did some Sinawali in the air to warm up the arms. We played around with it and I showed James how I would throw in either Redondos or Abonikos in between.


After that we worked on some baston disarms. We worked on all of the disarms learned from Level One. So snake Largo and Corto. Then Vine Largo and Corto. We did this a couple of times to make sure we still remembered everything. By this time Osairis was ready to go play so we took a short break so he could have some fun. After playing in the playground for a while and running around the place and stomping in the water puddles we went back so James and I could start up again.

Hand Swtiches

We started to work on hand switches from 1-12 like what we did from last Sunday's group practice. We like this drill a lot because of how it works both sides. After a while James's knee started to feel uncomfortable because we forgot to warm up our lower body (since I was already running around the place with Osairis my knees and legs got warmed up and loose) so we decided, "lets work on foot work then to warm up our legs and knees. "


We started out with Open Female Triangle. Like always we mixed it up with defenses. We then moved on Open Male Triangle. Then we went into Closed Female Triangle and Closed Male Triangle making sure that each movement had a defensive move. Finally we went into Diamond, but this time we mixed it up and did two defenses and two offenses. The video below shows an example of how we did this.

Music made by yours truly.


After doing this for a while we finished off with knife tapping. I have to say that it can be tough training when you have a kid to cater to, but you can make it work. He gets his fun time and I get mine. Simple as that. And hopefully all of this exposure will encourage him to get into it when he gets older. Well that's it for today. Hope to see you guys out there tomorrow morning. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

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