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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Samahan High School Conference


Today we helped out at the Samahan High School Conference at San Diego State University. Our class was about FMA or Filipino Martial Arts. Bernie prepared a presentation that went over many things regarding FMA including some history of FMA; FMA in the mainstream; how FMA, though in the mainstream, the general public doesn't know that it is FMA; how many Filipinos do not know that we have our own martial art; as well as some FMA schools that are available in Southern California.


The presentation was very informative. It had good facts and pictures, and we also demonstrated a few moves during the presentation. After the PowerPoint presentation we had some volunteers come up to the front of the stage to learn some basic techniques. We taught  some basic foot work, 1-6 of 64 Stick Form, some knife tapping and a little Hubad. After Bernie and James demonstrated the practical applications of the techniques shown.


It was awesome to see the kids excited about FMA. One particular student looked very excited and eager to learn. I even over heard him say that he has been looking for about 2 years for a place to learn i his area, but has been unsuccessful. This brought it back to one of the points that Bernie brought up in the presentation where many will keep to themselves about it, don't publicly advertise about it, or maybe they just don't do a good job about advertising it, or use FMA as a sub teaching to draw people in to their school. For example I can have a school called Warriors Guild. It can be all about FMA, but nothing in the name speaks that. Or maybe my school is called Warriors Guild and its about Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, but we also offer stick fighting.


Anyway, I hope he finds a place to learn soon. Someone with that much drive will be great. Well that's it for today. Hope to see you guys tomorrow at the park. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

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