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Friday, April 11, 2014

Funday Friday - Punyo Entries


Today we worked on things that we haven't worked much on the last couple of weeks which ultimately showed last Sunday which was Punyo Entries. Before getting to that we did our usual type warm up, but with a concentration on the left and with a counter strike with each defense. Starting with with Open Female, to Open Male, to Closed Female, to Closed Male, to Diamond in which we did two double Redondos on each back step, and then finally with side stepping. We also worked on hand switching from the 1-12 of 64 Stick Form.

From there we worked on Sinawali and double baston 4 count. For the 4 Count drill we primarily focused on the one strike per beat drill. This mean that each stick will hit one designated target per beat. It almost feels like Sinawali since you are striking with each stick consecutively. It can also get confusing because the striking doesn't quite follow Sinawali. Now our warm up was done.

After doing that we went into Punyo Entries. I kept on messing up on the first left hand entry last Sunday because I just haven't been practicing it lately so I forgot the movements. So I made sure we went over that one until I got the rhythm back down. James and I went through all of the Punyo Entries for Level II. We both went at it a while to make sure we had them down, but I feel like I still need a more practice on it to make them smoother from transitioning from one to the next. All good though. Technically I'm still learning Level II material so no need to beat myself too much about it. I'll get it down soon.

After this we went over knife tapping. I need to get better at reading the pluck. In my opinion its the easiest one to miss, which makes it very lethal. Basically the feeder will pluck your parrying arm out of the way so they can go for an inside attack. Your goal is to pluck the pluck, if that makes sense, and follow through with your parry. My problem is that I keep misreading it as the feeder trying to setup for say a thrust, or possibly setting up for an over head slash, in which I'm naturally waiting for one of those things to happen, in which its too late because I'm getting cut by a different attack. Obviously for the drill the feeder will wait until I respond properly, but its frustrating that I miss it so often.

Again another good practice. Be nice if we could squeeze another practice in during the week but scheduling issues and not having a babysitter makes it hard. Just got to do the best that I can with what I have though. Also, trying to take it easy while waiting for my ribs to heal really sucks. I'm getting really bored during the week now especially since I was practicing everyday pre injury. So I'm thinking about training on the daily again, but lightly just so I don't go crazy during the day.

Anyway, training tomorrow at the beach is cancelled because we will be at San Diego State for a presentation on FMA in the morning. I believe around 10 or 10:30am and will go on for about an hour. If you are free in the morning come out. It should be fun as well as educational. Ok hope to see you there. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

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