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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Beach Day Saturdays - Me, Myselfie, And...... That's It.


So both the wifey and baby were feeling under the weather today so to be safe they decided to stay home. Too bad though because it was really nice out. Sun was shining, warm with a cool breeze. All good though.

As usual I warmed up with footwork combined with defenses and or offenses. This helps speed up the warm up and knocks out two birds with one stone. After my warm up I did some Sinawali and mixed up some Redondo and Aboniko here and there. This way I'm constantly working both my right and my left. After that I pretty much went through all of my Level One material and started working on some Level Two material. To kind of go with the theme of working both hands I even worked my left by doing the 1-12 Stick Form with my left. First by following the same movements as the right, and then by mirroring the movements of the right. Bernie showed that to me the other week and it helped a lot with my left.

Another thing I worked on today was Hand Switches, again to help work my left. So I did the Hand Switches from 1-12 Stick Form, and then played around with hand switches from the basic strikes. I started out with my heavy baston first so that when I switched to my lighter baston it would be faster.

I also played around more with Hubad with blades in hands. I worked on both the right and left sides. Along with that I practiced doing Hubad, but deploying a blade or two at certain times. I also worked on Empty Hand Hubad, Knife Tapping, Knife Template, Mano Mano Template, and played around with Karambit. Finally, I finished off with a little Carenza.


Did I mention my Polymer trainers came in?! I actually got them on the 3rd so I was able to train with them yesterday at the park. Anyway, I had a really good practice today. Looking forward for tomorrow to practice with the group. So happy training everyone and see you guys tomorrow. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

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