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Monday, May 19, 2014

What happened over the weekend

After having a really hot week packed with fires through out the county, the weather was great this weekend. During the week it was so hot that I hardly practiced. I picked up the training bolos once in a while, but didn't do too much due to the heat. On Friday we headed out to our usual destination, Crown Point. I practiced by myself under a tree in the shade while the Wifey and kiddo played in the water and playground under the sun.


I went over all of the material that I know from curriculum. As usual I start off with my warm up. Then I move on to double sticks to single stick. Then I go from single blade to double blade, and finally to empty hand. Double blades isn't part of my curriculum yet, but I've been doing it along with my training so that when it does come I'll be a little more comfortable with it (holding blades in both hands). So I practice both forward and reverse grip double knife work off tapping and guntings.

(Cinco Teros with my left.)

On Saturday we hit the beach. The Wifey warmed up and did a little stick work with me. After that I turned on some Carenza music and went through all of the material. I did a lot of Carenza and Cinco Tero work that day as well. Trying to prepare for when Manong came down on Sunday in which Cinco Teros was part of the agenda. After a couple of hours of practicing, playing in the sun with the kiddo, and having snacks, Osairis fell asleep in Mama's arms so we packed up and headed home.

Sunday came and we were running late. When we got there Manong was going through the strikes for the Cinco Teros. I accidentally tagged Tracee twice with my stick. Once on the arm and another on her thumb as my stick glided down hers on the strike. SORRY BABE!!! lol. It's ok though. In the middle of all the stick work I eventually got tagged in the eye by her stick. Haha. But man I was really feeling the Cinco Tero drills. Tracee and I even broke one of the sticks we used during the drills and the guys demolished on of the thicker sticks as well. Drew and Manong demonstrated more stick drills and then after doing that for a while we went on to Sarong/Malong.

It seemed like it was a Sarong/Malong day for the FCS tribe because other groups were doing Sarong/Malong work too! I've been wanting to learn this for a long time. I've had one for a while now, but just never had anyone show it to me in person. All I had were videos so I was pretty juiced to learn this stuff. I like how it takes little effort to create so much torq. Bernie demonstrated on me so I learned just how tight things could get. He also explained how the techniques are great for women who carry bags with long straps or say a duffle or laptop bag with a shoulder strap. Really cool stuff. Everyone was getting tied up and choked out.

Throughout practice Richie would sneak attack us with either sticks or aluminium training hawks. lol. That kid is going to be breaking sticks in no time. I love the tornado strike he does. Everybody gets hit! Ha ha. Good times! Wish more could have made it out. Well that's what all happened this weekend. See everyone soon and happy trainings. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

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