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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Practice, practice, practice

So for the last few days I've been practicing at home. I've been going over all of the Level 2 material that I know so far. The goal is to do it enough so that it all becomes muscle memory and flows smoothly. Still got a bit more practicing to do till I get there, but I'm getting closer. I've also been going over some photos and videos from our practices and I'm nit picking where I see mistakes. It hit me the other day when I wrote my last blog, going through what photos to use, and noticed my live hand was down when it shouldn't have been. So for that brief moment my guard was down so I was open. Bad practice habits turn into real bad habits so I need to work them out.

Tomorrow is going to be a videos kind of day. To go over my Level 2 DVD and try to learn what I don't have down yet. Trying to get my Level 2 folks! Oh and we ordered some new training gear a few weeks back which should be coming in within the next week or so. Excited! Well that's it for today. Just want to keep you guys updated with where I'm at. Till next time, happy training! ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

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