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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Things you missed over the weekend

Saturday was a great day to be at the beach. Nice clear sunny weather, lots of people, and ocean water to cool down in. The Wifey and I warmed up with some stick work and then went over her Level 1 knife tapping. In addition to this I also messed around with karambit and did a little Sinawali. After that we just had a family fun day in the sun.

On Sunday Bernie started us out with defenses and counters with single stick. So we would go over our 4 Walls defenses and follow up each block with  1-3 strikes. We practiced with the different ranges as well. Then we did 4 walls followed up with disarm, and finally 4 walls followed up with disarm and then 1-3 strikes.

Next we went over knife on knife tapping. So first we started out with the basic knife tapping only both participants held a knife. Then we continued the drill, but applying a cut per tap. From there we did the same drill with a minimum of 3 cuts. Finally doing the drill with finishing moves where the cuts could kill the opponent. We would rotate partners so everyone would be able to work with everyone and that way you could get a feel of how the drill feels against different body types.

Then we went over Knife Template. This went along with the theme of defense and counters. Again we continued to rotate partners.

After we went over defensive hubad  from empty hand strikes. So your partner can throw a punch or kick and then you would do hubad against it. From there we did the same drill, but followed up with counters.

Finally we went over Cincoteros. This particular drill we went over had both defenses and offenses and multiple partners so Bernie started off with showing parts A, B, and C. Then we would get into groups of 3 or 4 and start the drill. The two outer partners would do parts B, and C, while the center partner would do part A. The partner standing in the middle, part A, would start the drill and  when they are done with the sequence they would follow up with a punyo entry and throw in one of the out partners in which the rolls would switch. So the person getting thrown in the middle would do part A and then the person coming out would take that person's role. This way everyone gets a chance at playing all 3 roles and it would continue until we were told to stop.

So it was a lot of fun this weekend, not to mention that Sunday was Star Wars Day, and yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. So does that make today Revenge of the 6th? lol. Anyway, till next time, happy trainings. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

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