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Saturday, May 10, 2014

My First Students





So my son, Osairis, is starting to copy me more and more. Its pretty awesome. He knows that when I pull out a stick or trainer that it's time to practice in which he usually asks for one to play with too. He can even wave around my bigger sticks which are heavier than our standard sticks that we practice with. Hopefully soon he will actually start picking up the moves that he sees me doing. Reminds me of when I first started teaching my daughter how to defend herself. She eventually lost interest, but I'm hoping that if or when the time comes she will retain and use what I taught her.


I haven't been doing much extra fun stuff other than trying to mess around with the karambit and playing with Osairis. Just pretty much following the curriculum so that I can get ready for my Level 2. I know recently I haven't been going into much detail about my training, but it was just getting a little too redundant for me to keep writing the same things over and over. So I won't bore you with the same stuff, but what I did do differently these last couple of days is try to go over some knife disarms that I learned from my curriculum video.

The disarms are done from the Pikal grip. Some may know it as the reverse grip or ice pick grip. They are done from Hubad. One of the disarms would hook the knife hand and destruct or hyper extend  the elbo which would assist in the knife strip for the disarm. The other disarm would basically snake the knife hand causing the strip, but I need more direction to make sure I'm actually doing this one properly.





On Saturday I headed out to the beach alone to practice. The Wifey and kiddo were at home making vegan ice cream! Anyway, I was going through all of my stick work and toward the end a woman comes up to me and asks what I was doing. "Kali" I told her. She asks, "Do you teach? Can you teach me?" I happily responded "Sure!" She tried to give me money to pay so I could teach her in which I refused the money. I told her I would teach her for free.

Since I was right already working on stick work I showed her 1-6 of the 12 basic strikes. She told me that she was 55 years old so she needs to go slow, one thing at a time so that she could learn it easier. "One hand first, then I learn the other. Two hands same time too much." So I had her put her left hand behind her back as we went through strikes one and two. I had her incorporate some footwork right off the bat so that she would not get tangled up later. I explained the main target areas for each strike as we went on and also explained the "X" pattern when following through with these strikes. She immediately picked up on the "figure 8" pattern.

We finally got up to strike 6 in which we started to incorporate the left hand. I explained briefly that we consider the left hand in this drill the live hand, that this is where the real danger lies because most will focus too much on the weapon hand which may leave them open for an attack. I like how she saw deep meaning in every movement that I showed her. So when I showed her the parrying motion that I do with the live hand she also interpreted that as washing away the evil spirits. She literally found symbolism in everything we did. You really do learn more from the people you teach. After that I showed her our formal salute. I explained the meaning and significance of the salute and with each movement. In the middle she needed to take a quick breather so I ended our little lesson there because I didn't want to get her too tired and she still had to walk home.

After she asks how often do I come here and when and where do I usually teach? So I told her that I train on Fridays at Crown Point and here at Windansea Beach on Saturdays at 9:30am and that our official group practice is at Heritage Park on Sundays. She doesn't drive so she can't make it to the official practices, but she lives close by and Saturdays works best for her so she wants to come learn on Saturdays.So the Saturday practices at the beach just might get a little bigger by +1.

I finished up my training with knife work.

So these last couple of days have been pretty awesome. The Wifey and I also locked in a spot for our son's 2nd birthday party on June 21st at Tecolote Shores Park  South from 11am-6pm. All FCS members are welcome! Bring the kiddos too! Well that's it for this weekend. Tomorrow is Mother's Day so no practice. Till next time, happy training. ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

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