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Friday, May 2, 2014

Funday Friday - Hot Point


It was hot at the Point today (Crown Point). Great day to have a picnic and get some training. Today James and I focused on Level II material right from the book. We went over a good amount of the material from Cincoteros, to 36 of 64 Stick form, to Sumbrada, to disarms, to transitions, and knife tapping (not in that order). We wont over a lot of stuff. The Wifey and I went over all of her stick material for her Level I. Saving the knife stuff for tomorrow at the beach. Even Osairis joined in on the fun.


After we just enjoyed the sun. The Wifey and babes got wet, we all ate some healthy food, and relaxed. It was just a  really nice day out. I know most aren't available on Friday mornings, but for those who are, feel free to come and join us! The more the merrier. Same on Saturday. All are welcome. Oh and I know I haven't been posted as much lately, but I have been training throughout the week. I'll start posting regularly again as soon as I get used to this new regiment. (Been getting up early and working out in the mornings and doing Kali during the day for a total of 2 workouts.)

Well sorry for making this short. Tired from all of the fun, not to mention that the Wifey and I worked out prior to this. Well till next time ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

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