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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Training in the style of FCS Kali Cali - Blogging thoughts from Manong Rich Verdejo

    Since I worked it til I wanted to throw up the night before, I was itching to kill my group the next night. Gave the group another taste of the old "Garage Workout" All we were missing are my truck tires :( 
    We started off with 3-5min rounds on the heavy bag. Each round progressing in speed and power. We should be killing that banana bag on the 3rd round! Once our loosened up and the blood flowing came the exercises..the fun stuff..the killer stuff to some. Using the female open triangle, we burned our legs as we did 130 repetitions at 4 different levels. That's 520 total! 

    Next up is to incorporate the upper body simply by doin a push-up and a small hop up to a squat position. They did about 100 of those, ahhh good times so far! 
Getting a little soft-hearted, I decided to give them a small break on the 3rd torture. Had them do a double shoot (imagine a wrestler shooting for a take down) So it was shoot in, stand up, shoot in again! Now instead of the usual 3 sets of 30, I only had them do 15! That's right 15 reps! And they were dying half way through by this time..tsk-tsk!
Seeing that they're really really tired now, I said "ok, go ahead and lay down" Suckersss! now lets pump out 3 sets of 10 Up-kicks! (image laying on the floor raising your pelvis so you're able to kick opponent's face) but don't let your feet touch back to the floor :)  Almost done with the WARM-UPs folks :) Now lift your pelvis off the floor till you're on your shoulder blades and pump both legs up only using your lower abs, again without dropping your legs to the floor. 3 sets of 30.
   OK, now for some training. Learning how to Bob-n-Weave in a stick match can be beneficial. For one, it's highly unexpected and can keep you in the range you want to be in. The drill goes as your partner swings at your head, you duck/bob and then block the return swing by using your walls. Try using a bat/pipe or war-club cause it really forces you to do it properly..haha! It's also, a good way to burn those thighs. It's always good to hear.."I think I'm gonna throw up." That means I did my job.

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