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FCS Kali San Diego - Established September 25th, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

FCS Kali West Coast - Group Practice and Extended Training 11-20-2011

From L to R: Erwin, Dan, Marlon, Bernard, Angelo, Glenda, Jr., Ed, Mng. Rich, Wendall, Karen, Paolo, Jim, John,  Jeremy

I love Sunday Group practice, but even more when Manong Rich comes down.  It was a very good day of group practice, first off we had 2 new participants show up and even participate in the extended training.   FCS Kali West Coast welcomes Wendall and John!!  Awesome to have you guys come out and we look forward to you both becoming regular members.  Secondly, we are appreciative for those who were able to attend the extended training, this was a good showing for our San Diego Crew to be there and spending the extra time with Mng. Rich., it was also great to meet two other students Rich brought down, Karen and Jim, and so the FCS  Kali West Coast Family grows!

Once again as has been the norm the last three Sundays, rain threatened to wash out our group practice, but it was gonna continue come rain or shine, especially if Rich is taking his time to come down and visit us!  I do believe Mng. Rich was happy to see how the San Diego FCS club is forming up and got a good feel as to where we are at, so much so he is already planning on possibly testing out some of us for Level 1 - oh boy!  His reputation precedes him, we hear Rich is notorious for grueling test outs, and who knows what lays in store for us.    In preparation for an upcoming test out at Level 1, Mng. Rich reviewed what he expects from us with his Level 1 test out which covers the Level 1 Curriculum, after this Rich generously helped break down parts of the drills we have been covering, such review and insight is great edification.  So great thank you to Rich for coming down and we look forward to his visits, (well maybe not too much on the test out). LOL!   A thank you to the San Diego group for the continued support and dedication.

Maraming Salamat,

Erwin G.


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