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Monday, November 7, 2011

Notes on 6 Count Sumbrada

For our members who were brain scrambled between their left and right during Group Practice, here are notes on the 6 Count Sumbrada that will hopefully help.

6 Count Sumbrada
  1. Sak Sak (strike)
  2. High Wing (block)
  3. Low back hand (strike)
  4. Shield (block)
  5. Redondo (strike)
  6. Low defense (block)
Remember, you are alternating strikes and blocks, if you initiate the feed (Sak Sak), then the receiver starts with a block (Shield).  Another way to look at it is, Feeder starts #1 Sak Sak, and the receiver starts #4 Shield block.  Start in the largo range, but once you go into the medio range you need to start checking.
Four Count with Entry:
Righ Hand (High)
  1. Entrance on #3 strike
  2. Feeder check (C-cup), punyo strike; Receiver check punyo
  3. Feeder throw hand high, check receivers check; Receiver punyo strike
  4. Feeder block punyo, sweep; receiver remove sweep (palm up)
  5. Feeder low strike, receiver low block
  6. Continue flow
Left Hand (most movement with the right hand)
  1. Entrance on #3 strike
  2. Feeder move in punyo strike; Receiver check punyo, then punyo strike
  3. Feeder slap block, then back knuckle to face; Receiver check back knuckle, then Punyo strike
  4. Feeder right hand block and sweep down; Receiver pluck hand off
  5. Feeder low strike, receiver low block
  6. Continue flow

Source:  from the notes of Bernard Herrera


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