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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Bow to Great GrandMaster Ming Lum

  • For every student of martial arts there is always a teacher or master that has influenced them so greatly that they are revered, the world is a little less brighter in the martial arts when a true grand master has left us, but their inspiration and influence they left behind lays rooted within their students through the skills and traditions they have passed on.  We pay tribute and bow to one of the true great grandmasters and ambassadors of the martial arts....

    Great GrandMaster Ming Lum 1926-2011

    "Great Grandmaster Ming Lum was born in Chung San, Canton, China but grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii. He's known as Gung Fu's Godfather to two generations. Grandmaster Ming Lum started his martial arts training while in grade school at the Chungsan Language School in Honolulu where he trained Fut Gar (Buddha Family) with Grandmaster Lam Dai Young, one of three of the best at that time. He also trained Jujitsu with Grandmaster Henry Okazaki and Judo with Kenny Kawatachi during 1940-1941 just before WWII broke out. In 1955 he moved to San Francisco, California. In 1957, Grandmaster Lum began to study with Choy Li Fut Grandmaster Lau Bun. In the 1960's he was the first to introduce the Shaw Bros. Gung Fu Film's in San Francisco area. He was first to bring Chinese stylist to enter karate tournaments and has opened the doors for a non-Chinese to learn Gung Fu in San Francisco."

    "Grandmaster Ming Lum has numerous of recognition awards and has also been inducted in the 1992 AMAPA Hall of Fame. He has also been inducted into the Hawaii Kenpo Jujitsu Society Hall of Fame in 1999. "

    "He is truly a man of his words and deeds. Highly respected around the world among laypersons and martial artists alike. In addition to his many duties, community responsibilities he also serves as one of the first senior advisors of the Hawaii Kenpo Jujitsu Society since it's founding in 1995."

    "Great Grandmaster Ming Lum has been council, advisor and public relations extraordinaire to virtually every martial arts promoter and tournament promoter in California. His renown is as such that he forms the cultural goodwill bridge between Asia and the United States. Primarily because he is knowledgeable of virtually every style of martial art taught in China and his acquaintance with all of the Great Grandmasters of both continents."

    "Great Grandmaster Ming Lum has been responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of success stories in the martial arts. Working closely with the San Francisco Chinatown community and the City of San Francisco to bring each closer to the needs and understandings of these contrasting cultures."

    "My elder, my friend, You will be missed but we shall share stories of you forever" - Rich Verdejo

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