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FCS Kali San Diego - Established September 25th, 2011

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FCS Kali Club of San Diego - Group Practice Commentary 1/29/2012

Seems we're getting more physical with our group practices these days, not only beginning our Level 2 curriculum, but we've been supplementing our workouts with boxing and hapkido/taekwondo kicks. For most of us not used to these exercises and techniques, it's a workout.  I like it though, martial arts is not only about form and technique, but forging bodies and minds.  To properly follow form, one's body should be honed to perform it, so it's good for us.  Blood, sweat and tears just makes you stronger. For now the sweat comes easy, the blood and tears to follow when Manong Rich puts us through Level 2 Curriculum testing 3-4 months from now. I can hear the evil laugh now...  mu ha ha ha, mu ha ha ha!

L to R:  Paolo, Angelo, Patrick, Bernard, Jeremy, Daniel, Ed
Front Row:   Eliah, Glenda 

I'd like to highlight one of our members, and I admire the hell out of this brother of ours.  If you haven't taken notice, Patrick has the use of one arm.  Patrick serves not only as an inspiration to our Group, but should be for everyone.  Part of our last Sunday Group practice we did human wheel barrels up our practice grounds grassy hill, and guess what.... he was up the hill first!  I also recall during our Level 1 Curriculum test out with Manong Rich, during the basketball game phase Manong had us undergo, guess who was in the thick of it all scoring for his team, Patrick.   We can all learn something from Patrick, nothing should be an obstacle in our lives, you  may have to adapt and overcome, but there is a way.   Our group has been developing the FCS  fighting system for him and it's pretty cool that for almost every drill we perform, an adjusted or abbreviated version of the same technique has been devised for him, allowing him to still "flow" with us, his moves may need to be quicker and sharper, but it works.  So I'll end with this note, when you think something is too hard for you and you're facing difficulties, just shut up already... work harder.

Maraming salamat po,

Erwin G.

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