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FCS Kali San Diego - Established September 25th, 2011

Thursday, January 5, 2012

FCS Kali Club of San Diego - Level 1 Curriculum Test Out - January 8th, 2012

To All,

This Sunday morning Manong Rich Verdejo will be down to test out candidates for Level 1 FCS Curriculum.   The Test Out may take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on what Mng. Rich has in store for us and how he wants to conduct the testing, so please make necessary arrangements.  

Candidates be prepared for anything:  Please bring extra gear, clothing, refreshments, etc... whatever you think you may need to be prepared for a challenging test out.  Candidates please be reminded to have your $50.00 cover fee for the test out, and to have signed up as official members with FCS Kali, if you have any questions on this please contact Bernard or me, we can be reached via the email address: or through our Facebook accounts.

For All others who are not testing out:  All are still welcome to participate in the "workout" with the candidates, however the focus will be on the candidates.  As usual there will be a $15.00 collection per person to respect Manong Rich's visit. 

We will begin our Sunday morning workout at the usual time and place of 8:00am at the Basketball Courts at Heritage Park.   Manong Rich should arrive around 9:00am and we will follow his lead for the rest of the morning.

Good luck to All Level 1 Candidates!

Maraming Salamat Po,
Erwin G.


What:  Level 1 Candidates Curriculum Test Out  

Where:  Heritage Park, 1381 East Palomar Street
               Chula Vista, CA 91913-4802
               Near the Basketball Courts

When:   1/8/2012 - 8:00am  - ?


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