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FCS Kali San Diego - Established September 25th, 2011

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday FCS Workout - Group Practice Commentary 2-5-2012

Super Bowl Sunday means gatherings, food, and hopefully a good game with your team in the big Show forget working out, gotta prepare right?   WRONG.  For FCS Kali Club of San Diego, all the more reason to practice and workout, at least in the mind of our "Kuya" Ed.  Group Practice has begun to feel like more a preparation for Manong Rich's next intense Test Out, then again why not, we're not only training for curriculum, but again for the whole forging of minds and bodies, so be it. 

Group Practice began with usual warm up, some light calisthenics up and down our hill in the practice grounds, followed by some drills weaving between cones and knee highs, and then ending with human wheel barrels again like last week.   Kuya Ed's Super Bowl special day of training was with the idea of keeping us active and our heart rates going up and down.   Straight after the calisthenics, we went into practicing power and speed kicks - again keeping our heart rates up.  For the "rest" periods he gave us a break by reverting back to FCS drills with hubad or 1-36 mano template, and back to stickwork and knife tapping.  We continued the rest of Group Practice with introduction to "tabak-toyok", or more popularly known as "nunchuks".  I like this! Group Practice ended with introduction to some tumbling for future drills that will eventually involve throws and flips. Reading back on this, that's a lot covered in 4 hours! So we got Manong Rich coming down next Sunday, wonder if it's gonna be stepped up again.

L to R:  Bernard, Marlon, Patrick, Angelo, Glenda, Ed, Jeremy, Daniel, Peter, Erwin, Paolo



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