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FCS Kali San Diego - Established September 25th, 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday Practice - 10-30-2011

It was great to be back in the Park  for our weekly FCS Club of San Diego Group Practice, I believe not only for myself, but as well for those who showed up after last week's cancelled session that we were all eager to get back to practice and honestly I missed being at the Park sweating it with our Crew!  By popular request and demand we are now starting the group practices at 8:00am .  I like it, it's a little cooler ( not that San Diego has bad weather to begin with), but I'm up early anyways and I'm rearing to go!  So we started things off a little differently and a little more intensely, our warm up included running a couple laps around the basketball court, the idea being:  1) It'll warm us up, 2) an exercise in footwork and agility as we also did part of those laps, laterally and ran backwards, and  3) I can use the exercise!  LOL!  Yesterday's practice we covered the usual basics of footwork, strikes, and walls, for the beginners and newcomers, but we quickly went through this part as we also wanted to cover ground with some drills to improve coordination and speed, and also to more excitingly practice double baston siniwali for the newbies. When you're having fun and loving what you do, 2 hours goes by very quickly, for those who could stay a little longer, we also did some knife tapping practice.   

While we didn't have the high count of the last group practice which was a total of 15 participants, we did have a showing of two new faces, Marlon and 13 year old John, a big Welcome to both and we're glad to have you in!  Thank you All to those who participate and are becoming regulars to FCS Kali Club of San Diego, we like seeing the dedication and your support, and truly appreciate the time and effort you have made to be out there with us, we are building the foundation, and one day the regulars who stick with us can say you were part of the Founding members crew in San Diego. One last note, practice what we have covered, we want to show Manong Rich Verdejo how far we have come by the time he comes back down, the further along we have developed, the more he can present to us!

                                          Back Row: Marlon, Daniel, Erwin, Bernard, Ed, Jeremy
                                          Front Row: Angelo, John, Josh, Paolo
                                          Missing in this Pic:  Sergio and Glenda


Maraming Salamat,

Erwin G.



  1. ...shhhh...! Ninjas are covert and invisible in society, don't tell anyone.

  2. this is me being modest... we look goooood lol

  3. Paolo - black shirts next time! ;)

    Know anyone that can silk screen t-shirts for us...? Or can design our San Diego version of FCS shirt? Also If you're interested in buying an FCS shirt, check out Tuhon Ray's website to order.