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Saturday, October 8, 2011

FCS Kali Cali: Manong Rich Verdejo - "...Stock up on duct tape..."

Last Sunday we were privileged to have Manong Rich Verdejo finish out the weekend with us after our FCS Kali Demo the day before, he stayed the next day and joined us in our Sunday morning Group Practice.   It was great to get some instruction and valuable insights from Rich on some basic technique and showed he us some new drills and exercises.   One of them we were most impressed with was one involving the eskrima stick.   Mng. Rich displayed to us how much speed and power can be drawn from an innocent enough rattan stick.   Below are some pictures of an exercise he showed us... the pictures do not do the demonstration justice,  if I get permission to show the video I'll post it later. (Video has been posted below the pics.) As you will see, the power generated from the whipping action of the eskrima eventually decimates the hardened rattan stick...  I loved the advice of Rich... "...stock up on duct tape...".  LOL!    Thank you Mng. Rich for the instruction and the memorable demo exercise with the eskrima stick, I'll need to have my Auntie ship us some more sticks!

                                                              " Better get the duct tape... "



Maraming Salamat,

Erwin G.

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  1. dont worry master ed ill buy everyone sticks from cebu when i go there in january