"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." - West African Proverb


FCS Kali San Diego - Established September 25th, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

FCS Kali Club of San Diego - Oct. 9 Sunday - "Have we heard the pebble drop...?"

I enjoy the time I am in now.... and what I hope to be witnessing.... What do you ask am I talking about...?  The state of geopolitics in the world today, the economy, our nation...?  Nope none of these....!

Don't you love when you feel you are at the right place at the right time?  The time when you are on the verge of something coming together, or something big coming along...?  This is the moment in time I enjoy watching and if I can be a part of it... yes being part of history I want to be there, great or small, personally or publicly, it doesn't matter, it's these times that make part of life beautiful...

I'm hoping for my FCS Kali Club of San Diego, we are about to witness the beginning of something.  Our humble little club is still at it's very infancy, but we proudly move forward in the quest that one day we will be all that we hope for it to be.   There is a scene from one of my all time favorite movies about one of my heroes, its from the movie "Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story", if I recall the scene this is where Bruce Lee is talking to his wife Linda in their newly started kung fu studio, almost broke and just starting out, Bruce drops a stone or pebble in the middle of the dojo floor and asks his wife, "did you hear that...?"   Linda looks at him and wonders where he is going with it, and he explains, that it's like a pebble or stone in a pool of water, when you drop it in the water a small ring or wave forms and expands outward.   That scene really refers to one of his philosophy, here is the quote...

"I don't really worry about the reward, but to set in motion the machinery to achieve it. My contribution will be the measure of my reward and success. When you drop a pebble into a pool of water, the pebble starts a series of ripples that expand until they encompass the whole pool." - Bruce Lee 

...and this is what  I hope I am seeing with our small group here, FCS Kali Club of San Diego and FCS Kali West Coast.  

So before I get too deep... It was a beautiful morning, perfect San Diego weather, anyone in our area knows what that means... very light wind, very light clouds, sunny and around 70 degrees.... paradise!   :)  Today we had newcomers show up that we were very glad to see and welcome.  A couple came from our core member's Tony and Ed's circle of martial arts circle, a couple of old friends, and a father and his son came out to participate and see what our club and group practice was all about.  For the freshest members of our group, I am sure there was some information overload that we shared with them, but something for them to take home, process and practice and hopefully come back for more next week and to become a core member of our club.  This is what we want to see, for those who come out, to first enjoy what we have to offer and gain, and secondly inspiration, passion,  or dedication to the Filipino Martial Arts. This is a chance for all we invite right now to become a part of something early on.  It was a great day of practice, and I like the feeling I am beginning to get, are we about to see the beginning...?   

"Have we heard the pebble drop...?"

Maraming Salamat,

Erwin G.

                                           FCS Kali Club of San Diego Group Practice - Oct. 9th, 2011
                                                  Top row: Angelo, Daniel, Bernard, Ed
                                                  Second Row:  Sergio, Tony, Josh, Gustavo, JR, Elma, Jesse
                                                  Photographer - Erwin



  1. It was a great day indeed! I was at first hesitant to miss our 9:00 Sunday mass, but I figured we can make other arrangements just to satisfy by husband, Jessie's, desire of meeting this club. I was very pleased we did because not only did we meet a group of wonderful people but we have learned a lot from them. We have been inspired by my brother's family to get involved in martial arts and have been on a search since. This gathering gave us the oppotunity to get involved and learn more about the different art forms. Thanks to Ed for introducing us to his friends, Bernard for being patient with my son, JR, and to Erwin for putting all these information together. We, as a family, plan on coming to these gatherings not only to bond with each other but to be around knowldegable and amazing people. Thank you all for sharing!

  2. Elma - We thank you and were glad to see you all come out and check our group out. This blog will be central point of information, so look out for bulletins. We are hoping Manong Rich comes out again soon, so check this site for announcement, you won't want to miss him giving us some instruction. We'll see you all at the next group Practice!