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FCS Kali San Diego - Established September 25th, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

FCS Kali West Coast - 1st Demo at Mater Dei Annual Bazaar - Oct.1st, 2011

This weekend was a busy one for FCS Kali West Coast, last Saturday (literally an almost last day entry into the program) we were invited to do a demonstration at my local church parish, Mater Dei Church as one of the performers of their week end long annual bazaar.   The FCS Kali Club of San Diego members along with FCS Kali West Coast Rep. Manong Rich Verdejo, put together in less than  24 hours a demonstration that was well received by those who saw our performance.  All I can say is that this was something memorable for me and my fellow San Diego members, personally it was worth the late night, the few hours of crash practicing, and the bruises I got!  LOL!   Anyways, I speak for the San Diego crew, Thank You Manong Rich!

Erwin G.

 Below is the highlight reel, but first a note from Manong Rich...

"I would like to personally thank Bernard Herrera, Ed Jonson, Tony Alvis, Erwin Garcia, and Jeremy Shelledy for their hard work and dedication. Let's not forget their wives and family for the hospitality! They really made me, a stranger feel at home. "

"For just short notice and only a few hours of practice, the 15min demo was quite exciting! The training on Sunday moring showed me that you guys have heart and will go far in your goals for expanding FCS Kali. I am very proud and excited to have you guys in the family..Let's just say it rekindled my fire as well and I'm glad to be back in ACTION! "

"There's a lot hard work that we will face, but that's what we're there for! But we will do it with fun!"

FCS Kali West Coast Rep.
Kapatid mo,
Rich Verdejo



  1. Great exhibition fellas! When will you perform again?

  2. Thank you! There is another possibility we will do another one, the date hasn't been locked in so we haven't made a commitment yet. If so you will hear about it.

  3. great vid. great job!

  4. great video and the demo was awesome