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FCS Kali San Diego - Established September 25th, 2011

Monday, April 30, 2012

FCS Kali San Diego Group Practice commentary 4-29-2012

It's been a funny and routine expectation now when I arrive to work Monday morning my co-workers expect to see me with bruises and aches and pains from sore and stiff muscles.  Then as I reach for the Advil in the First Aid kit, they hear me groan from that I feel like I had been thrown from a moving train as a result of Group Practice drills or being accidentally hit from a stick or fist, I love it, it only means it was a good day of practice.  

Group Practice was led by Manong Rich Verdejo last Sunday, however without beginning with a returning visit from our honorable guest Guro Nars Babao and two new visitors to our practice, Lukas and Marco.  As Manong Rich arrived, we were also honored to have one of America's Finest and Elite serving proudly in the Navy, our friend Ajay.  We welcome familiar and new faces to Group Practice and we hope they enjoyed their morning with us.  

L to R: Wendell, Josh, Patrick, Guro Nars, Ed, Ajay, Manong Rich, Odin, Marco, Lukas, Bernard, Dan, Angelo

Group practice began with warm ups of sprints up our infamous hill and then straight into basic strike and block review to show the newcomers our basic moves, we also covered mano-mano template form and stick template forms, and Panantukin drills.   When Manong Rich arrived with Ajay we went straight into knife tactics, and Silat style take downs with knife drawing.  While we cover a lot of work during our 3-4 hours at our "Luneta" park at Heritage Park,  our time always passes quickly.  What makes it fun and more than bearable and familiar is the feeling of comraderie and family, as much as we tease each other to lighten the practice, it's all in family and brotherly love, and this is what I have come to love most with my FCS Kali Family.   Although we all lead different lives and paths, we come together once a week and it's a great familiar feeling to get away from our usual routines.  I hope the others feel the same way looking forward to the comraderie, albeit sometimes it is hard to get up early Sunday morning between a late Saturday evening or other family obligations.  We have even found time to start doing things out of the practice whether it be having a post practice lunch, a cigar and spirit sitting (for those who partake), catching a movie as a Group - two weeks ago a handful of us went to watch "The Raid", which by the way for any martial arts practitioner is a must see movie!  I do know one thing, if I miss one of these practices, I wonder what the Group is doing, and I miss it.  So here is to my FCS Family, I am thankful for you All.  It was a Good Day....

Maraming Salamt Po!

Erwin G.

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  1. Nice job with your commentary page Erwin. keep it going.. your group is growing. One of these days you guys will be one of the best. Just keep off from negative attitude and influences and you'll be the best of the BEST ! MABUHAY !