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FCS Kali San Diego - Established September 25th, 2011

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

JUST A NOTE: Hidden Rules when it comes to CROSS TRAINING by Manong Rich Verdejo

There are plenty of HIDDEN RULEs in the Martial Arts world. Here's an example of a hidden, but IMPORTANT rule to cross training.

Rule #1 : If you are a student still under the guidance of another Instructor, PLEASE notify that you will vistit/cross train with another group. It is a sign of RESPECT to let him/her know.

If you do decide to cross train, make sure it's not to compare ARTS, but to add on to your PERSONAL growth!

We are a very open group, always welcoming anyone with GOOD intensions and energy to visit or share our training time.

Rule#2: If you decide to become an affiliate or member of our group and your previous Instructor is an affiliate or friend of the FCS Family, it is VERY important that we get a letter of recommendation or a verbal confirmation that he/she gives you their blessing. If not, we will NOT accept you as a member, but will still be allowed to visit.

Because we are very open to the public, we try our best to keep POLITICS out and do what is BEST for our FCS FAMILY and extended Martial Arts Family. 

Train TRUE, Train REAL, Train Intense...but with RESPECT
Just another NOTE

Manong Rich Verdejo


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