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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sunday Group Practice Commentary 4-15-2012

Changing it Up

So Group Practice was a little different in not only agenda but also in Venue.   Our Group which was led by "Kuya" Ed this last Sunday, declared a last minute venue change to meet at his house for Sunday Group Practice.   What gives? It was something for us just to see.  Anyone who knows my brother-in-law knows that he loves to workout, workout in his backyard that is, and by that we mean train his body with his landscaping skills.  Since I have known him I can't recall his current house ever having a static looking backyard for over a year, whenever he gets the itch he changes it, whether it is the layout of the backyard, the furniture, the landscaping, adding or taking away a plant or rock, etc...  You name it he has probably done it to his backyard short of installing a pool or jaccuzi (SHHHH.... don't give him ideas).   Anyways what Kuya Ed changed this time was to for the most part turn his backyard into an FCS training grounds.  As you will kinda see in the pictures below he has cleared 3 areas for training, where he used to have a picnic bench area and fire pit, it is now cleared and used as "rings" or sparring areas.   He has setup an area for mat work (practicing falls and breaks) punching bags for power work, and a hanging set of tires for stick work.   Still a work in progress he will be setting up an area for knife throwing.

Last Sunday we worked in groups of threes where we rotated like you would do with station work.   One group worked on the punching bags, another group on the mats, another working on tthe tires, and in the 2 ring areas stick and mano-mano sparring or flow drills.   This type of station work was fun and covered a lot of areas and ground in a few hours.Need I say that in San Diego it was a beautiful day, and to be in a backyard with our great weather, it was awesome training.  I guess Kuya Ed is setting the bar for the rest of us to follow, I'm already thinking how to set up my tires and my knife throwing are in my backyard, maybe even clear out an rea for sparring, move a tree or two, trim down some bushes,build up a wall. Now if to just get some help..... "YO! KUYA ED....  Feel like working out?"


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