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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just a Note... "Weapon Carry/Placement and Deployment" by Manong Rich Verdejo

How important is the Physical and Mental training of your weapon placement?  Let's see... Your knife is in your gymbag/backpack or purse. Mine is on my belt. "OK, Ready-Set-GO!" Where you place you weapon is crucial to the process of Deployment.

Most of the time during the start of blade training we either have our blade in our hands or have to get it out of the gym bag. Not a bad thing for just learning the core technique or drill.  Let's change it to the start where you would actually carry your weapon. Getting used to the habit of where you will access your blade seems like a BASIC thing to do, but not often done.

Do you have your blade/blades in your pant pocket, if so which one? Is it on your belt or in your jacket? Or do you place them in the ever-so-sneaky jacket cuff or collar? Practicing WHERE to access your blade will lead to the HOW and WHAT to expect. Every placement has some type of obstacle and must be addressed during training to minimized the "What-If" factor. Each can slow down your deployment based on your placement.

So what's the MENTAL part? The best example is the Good Ol' "Got a light?" question.  How often will people pat themselves down to check where they put it. Same has applied to "Anyone have a knife?" 
1) Train your mind to know when you're carrying or not.  2) Train not to Reach for a weapon because of habit even though you didn't carry one.  That can cost you time. Hopefully it's time you can give. 3) With added stress and obstacles, dexterity will decrease and the possibility of PANIC will sink in. "Not Good!" 

So just a note: Practice the simplicity of where you place your weapon ON you. I believe that's a good start to Combat or Art training.   :)

Maraming Salamat Po,

Manong Rich Verdejo


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