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Friday, December 16, 2011

Just a Note... "Intent to Kill" by Manong Rich Verdejo

When it comes to training in any Martial Arts, the mindset of  "Intent to Kill" must play an important role. People often disregard the Martial and focus more on the Art part. 

As fun as training may be, I can't say enough that there should be levels of neccessary stress applied in that training. Remember "As stress INCREASES, skill DECREASES." The ability to control stressful situations in combat, the less your skills will diminish.

A safer way of training this is to take the time and visualize the situation activated all your senses: Touch, Sight, Smell, Sound and even Taste. Ofter the question "Can I really do this?" will play in your head. This is the Mental Prepartion of our training. Visualizing you opponent has the Intent to Kill, will you? 

At a safe pace, can you make every counter attack with the Intent to Kill and visualize the damage YOU have created? This type of mental training should be done without hestitation. In other words, DON'T do the technique and visualize the outcome later. This may give you a false sense commitment. Does this sound extreme? Not at all...this exercise should be done as part of your basics to better prepare yourself for REALITY. Let's not forget what MARTIAL means and the value of Mental/Emotional preparation of a WARRIOR's Mindset.

Maraming Salamat Po,

Manong Rich Verdejo

Next week...  "Just a note on... Weapon Carry/Placement and Deployment"


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