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Monday, October 27, 2014

What You Missed In This Past Workshop


What You Missed In This Past Workshop


Knife Template

This workshop focused on knife template, sumbrada, and punyo entries. We started with knife template. Manong went a little over certain application aspects of the knife template such as “Out of site, Out of mind” techniques by hiding the blade inline with the body. This helps takes the focus off the blade for a short moment, and puts the focus on the other hand allowing more stealth like techniques. Along with that he briefly talked about covering spray (from blood) from certain cuts.

Sumbrada and Punyo Entries

From there we went into sumbrada. Specifically Super Sumbrada. After going over the basics of the drill he showed us how to throw in the punyo. This adds an extra beat and at the same time shows you how you can move into punyo mano from the drill. To go along with that we went into Punyo Mano entries after. He showed us three entries: high, low, and the percussion. We ran out of time so we ended training there.


It was another great workshop. Thanks to Manong Rich Verdejo and family for coming down to share some more knowledge with us, to both Bernie and Manong who lead the workshop, and to all who attended. We had a couple of faces come that we haven’t seen in a while so it was nice to have them back to train with the group and Manong Rich. Next seminar with James Urban is coming up! We hope to see you there! Well that’s it for now. Happy Training everyone! ItsYoBoyFlex and I’m out.


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