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Monday, September 8, 2014

Monthly Workshop With Manong Rich And More

Monthly Workshop

This weekend,  Sunday, September 14, 2014 Manong Rich Verdejo is coming down to do our monthly workshop. He will be going over a lot of new things from the Florida Gathering, which I will touch up on a little bit later, some things from the new curriculum, and who knows what else! lol. It's always a surprise as to what he teaches when he comes down. It's a good time and we learn new things so come out and join us if you're free!

Date: Sunday, September 14, 2014
Time: 9am-11-ish
Place: Heritage Park, Chula Vista

***As always as recommend a $20 donation to cover his time and travel expenses.***

FCS Kali Florida Gathering


Now as many of you know, the Florida FCS gathering just past. Many have been posting up pictures, videos, and their experiences. Our most senior group leader, Bernie Herrera, was able to attend and represent FCS Kali West Coast San Diego along with Manong Rich and his family. Needless to say, FCS Cali Crew was in the house! lol.I wish I could have been there because many new things were shown including MOTAC, and the new curriculum. I also enjoyed the videos of little Richie attacking everyone, and the Carenza Testing.
Two things that Bernie wanted to share from the gathering were the use of elbows as well as footwork and stances.



For the use of elbows, we learned this through our Mano Mano Template, but he stressed how it should be used more often. By keeping things in tight, the elbows can be kept down as means of cover for the rib area. They can also be brought up toward the side of the head as use of cover for the head and neck areas, while being used as a destruction at the same time, which also sets us up for follow ups. Ed demonstrated how effective it was by allowing one of our strongest members, Marlon, to throw a right hook at his face and he simply covered by bringing the elbow up, with his hand grasping the back his head allowing the rest of his forearm to cover the temple and ear. The bicep gave some cover to the carotid and the elbow was at a position of striking. They explained how at any moment there is a time of exposure, the elbow can be used as cover and or striking as well as palusot, depending on distance and timing.

Footwork And Stances


Bernie explained how the use of footwork and stances can easily change a situation. One example was when someone is put in a center wrist lock. If in a normal stance, like simply standing up, the wrist lock can drop a grown man to his knees, but if he were to get in a cat stance, the pain is reduced. He demonstrated this on me and it did lessen the pain. I felt like a had more of an opportunity to break from the lock because the pain was tolerable.

And I'm sure that most of know that certain stances are strong from one angle and weak from another. This flows hand and hand or foot and foot, with our footwork. Having a strong base is very important and your most lower body part will set that in play. Usually, it's your feet that is the root of your base. Foot placement. Your footwork sets you up to move out of harms way, to move in to engage, or move out to disengage, and to keep ones balance. So if your feet aren't in good placement, your base can be thrown off.



So for the past couple of weeks our practices have been themed around things learned from the gathering on top of curriculum and I'm sure Manong will be sharing more as well when he comes down. Also, Tuhon Ray Dionaldo's birthday was celebrated during the gathering as well so from the entire West Coast family, happy belated birthday and thank you for the knowledge and support! Ok baby is being demanding right now so gotta go. Haha. Happy training everyone! ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

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