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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kali In The Morning PIFA In The Afternoon


What You Missed This Sunday


So here’s what you missed this past Sunday. We started with some stick drills to warm up. A couple of things we tried were to do push ups while holding yourself up on sticks. We tried holding from the top as well as gripping toward the bottom. It’s a lot harder than it sounds and looks. It requires a lot of balance and grip strength. The balance and grip strength needed to do the push up made it about 2-3 times harder if not more. Some of us couldn’t even do one and we all do push ups all the time.

We also tried a drill where we all formed a circle and had to do 4 Count with each person beside you at the same time. The idea was fighting two people on either side of you at the same time. Confusing at first, but then we got the hang of it pretty quickly.

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Kali In The Morning PIFA In The Afternoon

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