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Saturday, August 23, 2014

UPDATE - Monthly Workshop with Manong Rich Will Be At Ski Beach!

Monthly Workshop with Manong Rich at Ski Beach!

Manong Rich Verdejo is coming down this Sunday for our monthly workshop and we're making a change of scenery to Ski Beach! Manong will be going over: Application and feeder/receiver of Espada Y Daga, application stick grappling (standing), karambit (mechanics & application), sarong and knife template, and possibly blade entries to target isolations. So you won't want to miss out! After training we will be just enjoying the day out at the park. So bring the family, bathing suits, sunscreen and have a good time! *** As always we recommend a $20 donation which covers Manong Rich's time and travel expenses. *** Hope to see you there and happy training everyone!  

Ski Beach
Vacation Rd.
San Diego, CA 92109  

Sunday, August 24th, 2014
9am - 11am-ish

(Ski Beach is located on east side of Vacation Isle off of Ingraham Street. There is a large grassy area, a picnic shelter with picnic tables, fire rings and a path for jogging or bike riding. Up to two inflatables are allowed. There is a boat launch and ski area on the south side, but no swimming is allowed. There is also a childrens playground adjacent to the picnic shelter.

Note: The parking lot by the boat launch area has parking spaces to accommodate vehicles with boat trailers.)

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