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FCS Kali San Diego - Established September 25th, 2011

Monday, August 11, 2014

Congratulations Testers!

 Photo: Congratulations to all my students who tested passed their level 1 in FCS Kali! 
Bonita Maria Gutierrez, Aaron Diyarza, Michael DeCastro, Josh Leopold anA Jacob Amroyan.
Also congrats to FCS Kali brothers for passing our level 2 test. Jim Rosa, Drew Ip, Felix Reyes Delacruz Jr.  and me Kenpo Evolution MMA.

Thanks Bernard Herrera for running a great test! 
Manong Gi]l Rich Verdejo Thank you for guidance and friendship. Your wisdom and spirit make this world a better place!


I'd like to take the time give congratulations to the following people for passing their test this weekend:

Level 1:
Bonita Maria Gutierrez,
Aaron Diyarza,
Michael DeCastro,
Josh Leopold
Jacob Amroyan.

Level 2:
Jim Rosa,
Drew Ip,
Steve Baca
And me, Felix Reyes Delacruz Jr.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to Bernie Hererra who not only conducted the test, but gave me and the fams a lift and also took out extra time to train with me. Also special thanks to Manong Rich Verdejo for overseeing the testing and sharing your knowledge. And finally a special thanks to Steve Baca for allowing us to hold the testing at Kenpo Evolution MMA.

Everyone did a great job. And big ups to the fellas that took the pepper spray who looked sad in the end. LOL! JK you guys did an awesome job! I remember when I did that. It was really the end when you are trying to get that stuff out of your face and eyes that was the worse part of it. I hope to see and train with all of you in the near future.

Level 5 Test

Next up:
Level 5 Testing
Sunday Aug. 24, 2014
9AM - 1100am
at Heritage Park in Chula Vista

Level 5 testing will be held as well as our monthly workshop with Manong Rich Verdejo. As always we recommend a $20 donation for the workshop which covers Manong's time and travel. So if you have time, come out and support the level 5 testers and join in on the workshop! It's always a good time.

Ok folks that's it for now. See the SD crew next Sunday and happy training everyone! ItsYoBoyFlex and I'm out.

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