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FCS Kali San Diego - Established September 25th, 2011

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I See the 2nd Ripple - FCS Kali San Diego Sunday and Wednesday Night Practice Commentary 8/15/2012

I see the 2nd ripple..... I want to first start off with an apology, apologies to the Readers of this blog I've been a little busy but confess I've had a little bit of writer's block as well, as a result I have fallen behind in keeping you all up to date on what's been happening out here in the West Coast.  We've been busy to say the least, so let me catch you all up.... 1) Last month a group of us tested out for Level 1 and Level 2 and that was another special day testing skills and wills, endurance, and heart.  2) In the last 2 months we have grown, it seems we are averaging a peak group count of 16 members, we have new faces eager and willing to train, I'm especially proud of the younger generation that is lowering our average age in the group, this is a very good thing to see!   3) Last Sunday Manong Rich began introducing Level 3 material, and we realized how really cool it is, this is the beginning of where it really gets interesting and deadly.  4) Tonight was the first night we began a renewed energy and discipline to have a mid week group practice on Wednesday nights, and we had a good turn out of 9 from our Sunday group, including a new younger generation brother trying our Kali for the first time.

Tonight  a great moment happened and it was special and I missed it.  Before I share it with you all, let me refer back to my opening words, I see the 2nd ripple.....  If you look back in my archives on this blog, it was the birth of our FCS Kali San Diego group, if I recall I had written something about our first days as the FCS Kali San Diego group dropped it's first stone in the pond, and the ripple was expanding out.  That was almost a year ago and as we approach our Sept. 25th date, the day of our 1 Year Anniversary, tonight I think we saw the second ripple of another stone being dropped and casting itself out to our universe.  

Back to the special moment this evening....  I arrived to this evening's group practice late, getting off work late and fighting traffic I had missed most of the early part of the practice.  At the end of practice, our lead, Kuya Ed shared something that happened earlier.  At our park it is vibrant with activity especially at dusk, there is a half mile track around us, basketball courts, a small community pool and amphitheater, and a large field used mainly for soccer. Our share of the community buzz is our activity of FCS Kali.   Ed retold a moment that had happened as practice had begun, an older generation "Kabayan" approached Ed and one of our newer members Allan and asked what we were doing, he asked "Are you guys doing Kali?"  As Ed and Allan explained to him yes it was Kali he proceeded to gush over how he remembered the Pilipino Marital Arts of Arnis and how his uncles and grandfather used to practice the art in the homeland, he went on to say he was very happy and proud to see that finally the younger generation was learning and respecting this part of Filipino culture. I wish I was there to have seen this for the way Ed retold what had happened early it was a heart warming moment.  

These are the moments that make what we are trying to do worth it.  Last year I had written how I was not only motivated to learn our Filipino Martial Arts for physical, mental discipline, and self defensive purposes, but for our culture and heritage. Though I missed this moment this evening, I know what a feeling it is. It is the same feeling I get when I share our group's progress with my father, he too feels the same way, he is proud to see us the younger generation preserving a part of our Filipino culture, I think of all the things I have ever tried, this may be one of the things he is most proud I am involved with.  So I call to my "kabayan" of the FCS Kali San Diego Crew, be motivated and energized, I know at times our busy schedules and lives may drain us to train, but think that what we do.  Be proud of what we are doing, it is not only for  personal development we learn the Art of FMA, but it is for our heritage and culture, be inspired

FCS Kali San Diego Crew, we thank you for being with us and appreciate your dedication.   Every Sunday as it should be, be thankful of each other and let's train hard.   

Maraming Salamat Po,

Erwin G.

P.S.   Sorry for now pictures lately, my good camera needs to be repaired, so I know....  get it fixed.


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