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Monday, June 4, 2012

BENEFIT SEMINAR for The Long Road Home Project

BENEFIT SEMINAR for The Long Road Home Project by Casey Miller . 

Check the link 

All proceeds will go help fund this project, Casey and a few other War Veterans launch this July 15th. 

TIME: June 23. Saturday 12-4pm.

VENUE: MG Kenpo Academy Studio
2163 Huntington Dr.
Duarte, CA 91010

DONATION: $30-$50


Bernard Herrera (30yrs of LEO and Martial Arts) will cover Firearm tactics in your home. We will simulate CLEARING a room and what to do if you've controlled the suspect - will be using AIRSOFT GUNS for simulations! Also what to SAY/DO in a 911 situation if there has been shots fired.

Matt Parks (Former Air Defense Artillery and a brown belt in Brazillian Juijitsu with 15 yrs. of Martial Arts ) will cover ground escapes and reversals.

Rich Verdejo (FCS Blade tactics) will cover..Learn how to use the knife fast in combat.
Reaching out to family and friends. Things are getting rough and I want you guys to have SOME training and will benefit our Veterans as well!


Manong Rich Verdejo


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