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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Usage of Manong/Manang in General and in FCS Kali, by Manong Rich Verdejo

Just a note:
The usage of Manong/Manang in general and in FCS Kali

Coming from the Spanish word hermano and hermana, it is somewhat a term of endearment for elder brother and elder sister. Depending on the dialect/region simular words like Kuya/Ate and Manoy/Many are also used. Kuya/Ate is commonly directed to those related or closer to the speaker. It is common to call someone Manong and Manang instead of calling them by name, especially if the name is unknown as a gesture of respect. Some believe that Manong/Manang are titles for those old enough to be considered Uncle/Auntie. Some use them simply for older brother/sister. People younger than the speaker may be called Manong and Manang by virtue of status and not by age difference. This seems to be getting more popular as these words are being loosely used and accepted. For instance, you can often hear people say to the bus-driver, cashier or market owner say "Salamat Manong" or "Salamat Manang." even though they seem to be same in age or even slighty younger than the speaker. Ofcourse, it will not be said to someone of a large age gap younger to the speaker. In some cases it can even be seen as an insult, meaning someone who's old-fashioned or a prude -- like saying: "napakamanang mo naman."

In FCS Kali the term Manong and Manang is a term referring to a Senior Student. Not yet of Guro status, but knowledgeable enough to teach the fundimentals (like a Level 1 Instructor). Even within in our system, we are not exempt to keeping the basics of our culture. As an Instructor myself, I too will call a fellow student of the art Manong/Manang/Kuya/Ate regardless of rank and will NOT introduce myself as "Manong Rich" to that person. I will simply call myself Rich and if he/she wishes to call me Manong, then it's by their repect to back me. These terms are not limited to, but reletively based on the repsept level whether it be of age or rank. Understanding this can give you a better way of usage with these terms in the Filipino community. 

As for me, It started as a nickname given by other Guro's from other systems. A younger friend of mine always referred to me as just "manong" They constantly asked "Manong who?", she would reply "Rich, ofcourse!". So as an inside joke, I was nicknamed Manong shortly after. 

FCS Cali Crew
"Manong" Rich

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